How to write a Public Relations Resume

A career in public relations is about communication. This could mean writing press releases or speeches, fielding media inquiries, public information, arranging press conferences, talking to the press on behalf of the customer or a positive image for the employer. So if you have a way with words, write a great resume for a Public Relation, so you can realize your dreams!

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Start with your strengths. Give the employer reading your resume a little teaser at the front. Let them know why you are the best person for the job. Detail of your industry focus, experience and objectives as they relate to a public relations position. This could be a good place to list, be your areas of expertise.

Emphasize your achievements. Avoid too much emphasis on job duties. Employers are more concerned about results. In a public relations curriculum vitae, relevant services a “must contain.” Numbers are effective, so that, whenever possible use dollar amounts and percentages to describe your achievements.
Write stuff. Public Relations firms are looking for writing experience. Work samples will be required and you can probably expect to test an impromptu skills during the hearing given.

Revise job titles. Ensure your job titles relevant to your career goal. Skill writings can be more effective.

Focus on the interview. Most people see their resume as a means to get a job. Instead, your goal should be securing an interview. Keep your resume clear and concise. In this way there is created enough interest to warrant a closer look.

Credit your customers. Experience is an important part of your resume. It is not enough to make a list of Public Relations firms, where you worked and for how long. Rent recruiters are showing up at your past clients and working environments, as you know.

Grab their attention. Bring your resume to life with action words and phrases with bullets.

Surf the Internet. Sites like and, provide a wealth of information that will help you to write a resume and cover letter. Their extensive database you can expand your job search

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