How resume writing after a break?

How resume writing after a break?

I started writing my current literary series, we had to be in 2006. And since I advanced a little, everything back, rewrite, continued, reread, rewrite again in short not great. The 1st time I really advanced it was in November 2013, 30K words and I took just now in August 2014. But how resume writing after a (long) break?

Set an ultimate goal

When one is immersed in the writing, counting words, align the sentences, revise the chapters, you lose a little of view that writing is not the purpose. The ultimate goal is often more important: finish the novel , getting published, selling a number of books, etc.

For me, for example, the goal is to make me publish on Amazon and sell at least 100 pounds. It was this ultimate goal, it will probably change over time but I keep that in mind when I’m struggling to write, to put me and write my sentences.

So have a purpose other than the pure and simple writing, gives a good feel to resume writing after a break. This motivates you as long as you have not finished the first book, you can not move forward.

Do not read constantly for resume writing

When not writing for several weeks or months, it may seem natural to want to read what was written previously. Yet this is a big trap in which it is important not to fall.

Why ? Because if you start to read, the gap between your current state of mind and the one you had when you wrote the above words can bring you to want to change everything, rewrite everything. Certainly it might be beneficial, improving your text. But I’m willing to bet that in three or four chapters replayed, you will get fed up and not want to resume writing!

How? Two solutions are available to you. For more foresight, who had made a detailed plan by chapter of their book, you can rely on this plan . And so again the next chapter. Please do not want to rewrite the plan!
The second solution is just to read the last chapter written , or only three or four pages. This will let you put your head safely alter history in all content.

publicly announce a challenge

As I have done on this blog announcing my goal of 20,000 words for the month of August 2014 , you can also commit publicly to write a certain number of words or chapters.

Of course you do not have to have a blog for it, you can engage with your family, friends or on a support forum to writing.

The interest is to have people who will remind you to order if you violate your goals. And it is always unpleasant to miss a goal when other people are aware for you to note that when it ‘ is just in your head.

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