7 Tips to resume writing

Sometimes starting to write his novel with great ideas and great enthusiasm.Sometimes after a few times, and for various reasons, it stops writing. The days and weeks pass. How to start work? Here are 7 tips to help you.

1- Reread the story

Before continue writing your manuscript, consider re-read what you have written .This step is really important to:

  • immerse yourself in the context of your story,
  • soak up the atmosphere you have created,
  • reconnect with your characters,
  • you remember important details.

2. Rework history

Before resuming writing your story, please rework the plan and character sheets so they appeal to you. Indeed :

  • between when you started writing and when you return your manuscript, you have certainly changed in your thinking.
  • there may be some things you like most or you have new ideas.

3- Conduct the necessary research

It is also possible that you stopped writing because you just do not know how to proceed or that you lack the historical, social, cultural etc. relating the story you write. If you are in this case, you should definitely take the time to research before you restart in writing your novel. What may seem a waste of time will actually be a trigger to help you regain control of your story.

4. Write regularly

Do not try to take long time slots for writing. Better to reserve 1 / 4h every day 2 hours once a week. Write regularly will help keep a dynamic and forward. If you feel you never have time to write, read articles that I ‘wrote about it as Help, I do not have time to write .

5- Write a passage that inspires you

It is possible that you you stop your story by lack of ideas or because you did not know how to recreate one of the scenes. If so, I urge you not to take your manuscript there.

If you have not written for a long time, get started in writing a scene that really inspires you. Do not be afraid to start with the final scene!

You need to reconnect with the writing and therefore to take pleasure in what you do.Once restarted dynamically, you will always be time to dig your head to write the scene that you posed problem.

6- Do not stress, gain confidence

Often young writers feel they do not get to transcribe into words the images they have in their heads. The story seems fantastic them so that it remains in their imagination. If you are in this situation, do not panic, this is normal. Write requests to work and rework the text until it is satisfactory.

You need to write a first basic text, a draft. Do not try to be perfect right away. Trust your idea, follow your impressions.

7. Look outside support

Writing is often a solitary act. If you want to reach the end of your project, do not hesitate to seek contact with other writers. This will be a benefit on several points:

  • a motor for your work: sharing a project is to preserve a dynamic impetus to achieve it.
  • a way to realize that others have the same problems as you and a good way to share the solutions that everyone finds.
  • a way to identify your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

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