What’s application retire

When should you withdraw your application?

One of the main reasons for having to withdraw his application again, lies in the limits of the application process. In addition, each company needs different lengths for the selection of candidates and the dispatch of invitations to job interviews . Therefore, it may happen that you already have a company a commitment, while another has not even reported.

In addition, can take place in your private or professional area of change, so you do not want to accept the body or can. Sometimes the candidates say from only after a job interview, for example, because the atmosphere in the company was not appropriate or matters were discussed, for example, the compensation you move to a rejection. Anyway, move What reasons for withdrawal of your application: The original and early cancellation on your part is a must.

What happens if you do not withdraw the application?

Fearing a hostile reaction or the “bad reputation” , many candidates shy away from canceling your application. However, exactly this have negative consequences. This includes mainly the following three consequences:

  1. The reputation is rather preserved by the rejection of an application than by your silence. Finally we meet known always twice in a lifetime and possibly you want at a later time to send again a resume to the company. Early and friendly worded rejection leaves a professional impression and (mostly) will also forgiven then. Particularly crucial for the response to your cancellation your manner of communication are (by phone, e-mail) and your reasons. Who does not answer, too late or unfriendly, is labeled as unreliable and your next job application lands certainly the shredder or a cross-company cooperation turns out to be very uncomfortable.
  2. A good, but unfortunately often neglected, reason to withdraw his application in good time is, quite simply in politeness . Put yourself in the position of the coupler Persona: They have numerous applications before him, and invest time in a thorough and fair selection of candidates. You have finally decided and some good alternative candidates unfortunately have to cancel. Now you can look forward to the process from the interview or then say even the potential new employees. And then comes a rejection. So therefore you cause as a candidate not only unnecessary work, but also to take any qualified competitor his shot at the job.
  3. The latter is also the third reason for the withdrawal of candidature: fairness . Many companies have of course already learned from the unreliability of the candidates, saying the alternative candidates from only when the contract is signed and sealed. This means at the same time a time delay the application process, and then the competitor may have already accepted another position, though they would not have been his first choice. In order to take this employee the chance of his dream job, even though you yourself do not want to accept this. Unfair, right ?!

The application to withdraw – How to go about it proceed?

It is now so so far, you have the new location and to withdraw your remaining applications. How to go about it the most? Basically, there are two stylish way to withdraw your application:

  1. Call personally, dispense with taking time and postage and say the company as soon as possible about it. This demonstrates confidence, openness and professionalism. In addition, you can safely assume that the information upon request handlers is also really arrived.
  2. But even a rejection letter is all usual and leaves a good impression, because you take the time to write the written cancellation and send. They show a good style and enough decency and will certainly be able to count in the future with a friendly communication.
    As you decide ultimately, is at your own discretion and in both cases is certainly a good choice. You can also combine the variants and mention on the phone that you will confirm the withdrawal in writing again.

How is the writing retreat designed?

With the withdrawal of the application, it is a letter, which similar to the cover letter is structured. Grob designed this as follows:

  • Letterhead with name, address, contact details
  • Name and address of the consignee
  • date
  • Subject
  • Personal Salutation
  • cancellation
  • Salutation and signature

The rejection can be very short at best. So the letter from the receiver can be read and processed quickly and efficiently. In addition, extra long dimensions and justifications look as you would from the cancellation of a guilty conscience. The standard elements of refusals passage can be designed as follows:

  • Thanks: They thank that you will have the opportunity to apply for the position, and possibly for the already taken place interview and for the time you have taken the appropriate recruiter.
  • Justification: An explanation of why you have decided against the site, is not absolutely necessary, but makes a good impression and gives hope for more understanding. One to two short formulated reasons range from completely but, it requires no long justification. In the foreground is finally the information function of your letter.
  • Understanding: clarify again that excuse the circumstances that you have made, and appreciate the time spent by HR. May also Express your regret that it comes at this time to any cooperation. Ask the same time to understand this well considered decision.

Patterns and formulations for your application withdrawal

To help, we would like now to offer some short examples of formulations for specific rejection and the reasons:

1. “I regret to inform you today that I want to withdraw my application. The place is very interesting and I’m sure I would have quickly settled down in your team and felt at ease. In the meantime, however, I have received an offer that can be even better arrange my professional and personal goals. After careful consideration, I have decided, therefore, to accept this offer. I’m sorry if I thus prepare you some circumstances. Nevertheless, I ask for your understanding for my decision. ”

2. “Thank you for your confidence in me. Meanwhile, the prospect has arisen on a full-time job for me, however. You can certainly understand that I’m interested in this for economic reasons very.For this reason, I would like to withdraw my application. This decision not easy for me, because the site is content and structure really sexy and I have also taken a very pleasant impression from our conversation. I’m sure that I’d inside greatly benefit from working with you and your colleagues /.I’m very sorry if you now inconvenience. I hope for your understanding and remain with kind regards ”

3. “Although at the time I had great interest the position and am confident that I would have felt comfortable with you. In the meantime I have but received another offer, the better fit in my view, and after careful consideration to my professional plans. Therefore, I have to cancel you and please for your understanding. I’m sorry if I have prepared you circumstances. But I want to be honest and give you early and other candidates a chance to fill the post otherwise. Thank you for your helpfulness, Yours sincerely ”

4. “My application for … I withdraw, I was able to close to my great joy in the meantime a training contract. Although I had extremely great interest in your company and am also convinced that I would have felt with you very well, but a secure future planning currently enjoys absolute priority. I ask for your understanding. I want to thank you again for your helpfulness, Yours sincerely ”

5. “I am very pleased with the trust and the chance to work with you. I am sorry to you today but to announce that I have decided after careful consideration for another offer that fits better to my professional plans and I want my application therefore withdraw. I realize that I order some circumstances ready you and I’m sorry. However, I ask you to understand that I want to choose the best option currently in perspective for me. Thank you for your kind courtesy and still please the returning my application documents. Until then, I remain with best regards ”

6. “Thank you for your kind feedback on my application and their confidence. I regret to inform you that I have decided after careful consideration for another offer that matches my professional goals more and therefore want to withdraw my application. I regret this particularly since the site was particularly interesting to you and I would like to become part of your company. I’m very sorry that I have prepared for you circumstances and I ask for their understanding. “

Finally, we would like to dispel a myth …

… Because in a survey of employers the rumor that they are often upset by an application withdrawal, finally dispelled was. So do not be afraid to seek honest communication with the company. What according to the work Encoder Tell however an absolute no-go: Anyone who does not answer or even invents excuses to stall the company, is quickly down through. A job interview, the trial work to accept or even a job and then not show up even worse. It is the same with those candidates who satisfied the sham one place to the trial period to cancel again and meanwhile to look for another job. Such candidates need to report in the future again and will certainly also communicates between the companies in the region as a black sheep in the company.

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