Interview: call strengths and weaknesses

Strengths – sounds easier than it is

Actually, the question of the strengths is the simpler of the two. Should think at least. Nevertheless, many people extremely difficult to do thus, to make statements about their own character. In addition, we are from a young age to modesty educated and are now suddenly brag about our skills. Not a few of us are reluctant downright to the employer in this form “advertise” to have. But of course the potential new boss would want to know in which areas he could especially count on you where your key skills are or what about your self-assessment. Gladly also specially aimed to bring embarrassed to see how you can remain calm in difficult situations. So much the better if you can answer the questions in a credible and reasonably quiet with a smile. Appropriately, what does that mean?

Finding the right choice of words

Braggart and self-estimators are nowhere welcome. Especially not when they will be used later in a team.Insecure personalities who trust themselves nothing, however, are an equally red flag for any employer. It is now, therefore, is the right measure of self-confidence to find and modesty, and above all to be honest !After you set the expectations of your counterpart is too high, you are behind the job in the worst case in front of a mountain from overwork and selbstauferlegtem performance pressure. Straighten instead the outset the candidate strengths with the job profile from tendering and stay optimistic and authentic in terms of this. Look out appropriate examples from your career and prove each said starch with the appropriate experience that you could already collect.

Weaknesses admit, but in moderation

A classic is the attempt to name weaknesses that would like to hear the human resources or convert real weaknesses in positive features. There will be hardly anyone who is not already the sentence “I tend to just too much work and too much use me and to make my private life in the background” has not heard five times. More than an incredulous smile you are sure not receive. And to be able to call them any weaknesses rather provides for a negative picture in your counterpart. Nobody is finally perfect. Much closer would because the guess, you would not be adequately prepared for the interview. If you but at first nothing comes to mind as you read it simply old evidence through or ask friends.

Note, however: Identify any weaknesses that could significantly reduce your eligibility for the notified body. Choose more marginal areas of future activity and convey credible willingness to work on themselves. You should also, if not specifically for a certain number (usually three) will be asked of strengths and weaknesses, call never weaknesses as strengths.

So much for the theory, but how does it look in practice?

If you wish for a more detailed clarification of the above-mentioned principles, nor examples, so read on here …

… Possible answers to the question about the strengths:

  1. I will work fast in new issues and am flexible. As you can see in the testimonies I have taken in my previous place regularly new projects from different areas of responsibility and successfully completed.
  2. I can work well with stress deal, I finally pulled three children.
  3. I love to work in a team and have never had trouble with colleagues. As you can see in my resume, I have always worked in small teams, which gave me a lot of fun.
  4. I can resolve conflicts and have even already made a training to become a mediator.
  5. I am very creative. In my spare time I’m taking for over 10 years, a painting course and have learned about to look at situations like paintings sometimes from different angles.

You see, it’s all so bad. Just stay authentic and show you what has been said with tangible experiences or testimonies.

Now the weaknesses:

  1. I am shy and do not have much experience in speaking before a group. This situation often makes me nervous.
  2. I’m quick impatient and can hardly wait for results.
  3. I have found in working with Microsoft Access can not collect too many experiences.
  4. I always wanted to learn a second language, but I am never happened.
  5. I find it sometimes hard, ” No ” to say.
  6. I am not a morning person and I need a lot of time in the morning and coffee to be awake.
  7. I tend to talk too much and then it’s hard for me sometimes to laugh at myself.

If these weaknesses a reason for you as a recruiter, not to set the candidate? Probably not. As long as you as a pilot does not mention the fear of flying or as a surgeon, a lack of nerve, you have many options sympathetic and honest to sell themselves by weakening. And even if you by a “no fall out of the grid, so you have saved himself certainly before the wrong job. Here is an example from real life: A candidate from the socio-educational field had to the question whether he zutraue itself, with often serious problems of financial, social and health to be long-term unemployed a competent contact, respond with a clear “No”. So that the interview was over abruptly. Three weeks later, however, he received a phone call if he wanted to work in the team with other task areas.

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