How to write a successful CV English

Resume and Cover Letter – these are the two most important documents for a job in the UK, North America or a company from the Anglophone countries on German soil. With the simple translation of the German document, however, is not enough. Especially not with the help of an electronic translation machine, warns Thorsten Knobbe Anglist and founder of consulting firm Leader Point, ensure at the ghostwriter for perfect application documents and certificates. “The English-language documents have an entirely new design,” he says.

Very shortly they became now, the trend is moving more and more to the shortage “. One page cover letter, a resume page More not,” says Knobbe.

Only in exceptional cases, such as senior positions and a lot of different professional experience, the CV could get a second page. Here, he stressed, should the font (Arial or Times) not less than possible 10 are pt – no one else can see anything. “Mind the gap! Is in demand – it does not matter to represent each individual station in the training and career in detail.” Rather, it was important to make a selection that the potential new employer shows the qualification. “You have to choose what is relevant to the current application.” But should not leave out stations one.

Headhunter Interested sometimes for the details – but which should be better included in a separate list. The basic application should still consist of two short documents. “If an applicant wants partout more reports from his professional life: please also on a separate document – if someone is interested, he can read it.”

In the United States some of the in are Germany obvious details frowned upon: “A resume has no photo and no information on birth and marital status,” says Knobbe. Also the date and the signature at the end of the document are obsolete. Instead of the resume begins with the personal details : name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Here umlauts should always be resolved.

It follows a qualification summary , a summary competence profile, in which the personal characteristics, experience, skills and achievements are presented. This can either happen in a short body copy or as a collection. Gladly read the Anglo-Saxons and the career objective or objective in your resume: What position is interesting in the company, what are the career prospects and what is expected of the company.

Only now follows, which is the all-embracing text in German CV: work experience / professional experience . The work experience. “The order is always in reverse chronological order,” says Knobbe. This means that the current or last employment is the top priority. Each station includes the full name of the company and the department, the exact title of the position and the period of employment. “Meanwhile, it is in English documents often so that this block is on the left side and the date is set to the right,” said Knobbe.

Also important: “Applicants should always specify their success, they were able to record during the employment relationship.” The whole should be represented very active, with so-called action words . “Verbs like Achieved, controlled, enabled belong to such an application,” says Knobbe. And: “The English-language application is very action-emphasized – and therefore completely different from the German nominal style.”

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