Application with disabilities – what to consider?

Often people with disabilities are a long application history behind it – without success. In practical follows no employment or temporary employment is not renewed. Not infrequently, this process ends ultimately in the resignation and the job search is always less intense, is perhaps someday completely hung up. For recurrent rejection understanding is missing, the reasons can not be reconstructed often. “One should apply only where the restriction is not of paramount importance,” said Michael Gray, coordinator for the integration of people with disabilities. Since a large theoretical knowledge is not enough often. The requirements in the job search are higher to a people with disabilities. The search is more difficult to be factors considered numerous. But difficult does not mean impossible.Learn here what to look for in a job, if you have a disability, and where your chances of success are:

1. On the right place to apply
2. optimism instead of compassion
3. help if you need it
4 simply conceal the disability?
5. Key facts for application with a disability

Apply for the right place

Who despite disability applies to a point at which this disadvantageous effect, which can only count on a few chances of success. Not infrequently, the colleagues have to work longer or do not constitute a full-fledged support. This insight is certainly often very difficult and not always fair, but it is the most important insight on the way to an appointment despite disability. For in order to successfully apply for a job, the job search should focus on those workplaces where the handicap has no relevance. Only then an applicant can demonstrate optimally with disabilities its benefits and has a good chance on the job. That characterized the dream job moves so many times seem a distant prospect, is in Germany today, unfortunately, the reality. Now it is the employer “only” to convince you that you are exactly what he is looking for. But how?

Optimism instead of pity

Especially in the public sector it is known that people with disabilities have equal qualifications will be given preferential treatment. The luring candidates often means excessively to put their disability to the forefront, to mention this several times in the letter and also to focus at the interview primarily on. But who too focused on the disability, even mentioned what everything is not possible or gives the impression of wanting pity, can quickly say goodbye to his dream job. For financial advantages or even compassion are not the decisive factors for a recruiter to hire a person with disabilities. Finally, here come any special holidays or special periods of notice to the employer. What really counts, so Michael Gray, are the qualities and skills of the candidate. As “positive aggression” , he describes the procedure. The candidate should the prospective employer convince them that the optimum is maintained at capacity -. Perhaps that his alleged disadvantages could have a positive effect on this specific job “You have to convince with his knowledge, his sympathy and his Tough awareness. One has to be in some form of positivist! “ , So gray, ” The bottom line must be in the head of the candidate pass “ .

Help when you need it

Of course, this all sounds easier now than it will be finally really. Therefore, people will be offered a comprehensive assistance in the job search and the application with a disability. Sometimes it helps a little nudge in the right direction to exit the recent pattern of failure. It is therefore quite reasonable, its application documents to work with a professional person. Competent individual case discussions there are for example the bfz. More useful information can also be found in the Employment Agency, the integration offices, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and quite classical in the Social Security Code.

The disability simply conceal?

If it is now so far and you want to apply an explicit vacancy, it comes to the preparation of the application documents. Many applicants with disabilities are then faced with the choice to call or simply to conceal this.But you must at all? Yes! As long as your disability you are not affected in the exercise of the job, you do not have to also mention. And since you are looking for, according to experts Tip yes to exactly such places, this principle is certainly the case for you. That you do not have to mention your disability, but does not mean the other hand, though, that you should not do this. Finally, there is no standard answer to this question.They each will depend on the type of disability and the advertised position. As a rule of thumb you can possibly be based thereon:

  • If it is an employer, are in which candidates preferred with disabilities? This is the case for example in the public sector. Then your chances could rise significantly by the mention of disability.Governmental Institutions are also required to invite every professionally qualified candidates with disabilities to the interview (from a severe disability of 50 percent or from 30 percent in equivalent candidates).
  • Need any preparations are being made, if you are invited to a job interview? For wheelchair users, for example, a barrier-free access is necessary. Many HR professionals feel that is overwhelmed or embarrassed when they are unprepared faced with a severe disability. Again, would at least be a casual mention advisable.
  • If it is a less obvious or limiting disability, so many people opt for this to conceal once. The subject can then interview are discussed and corrected directly. To bypass their reservations at the sighting of the documents and ensure equality with the other candidates.

So Basically, “more obvious disability, the more likely you should include it in a written application with” so gray. At the latest during the interview the handicap should then come up for discussion: “it to address the disability in a quiet phase of the interview is best. The important thing is that you can not just place the handicap on the table. It is supposed to represent his handicap so that the employer can do something with it. “ You should never hide your disability completely, because then it can come in everyday work to unforeseen problems or even become entangled in a veritable web of lies.Honesty and positivism are the winning characteristics at the end. We wish you every success with your application and take you to the final againthe most important facts to apply with disabilities together:

  • Choose your training, the profession and the place to which you are applying, carefully. It is important that your disability is no disadvantage in this specific area. Otherwise, you have great difficulty in finding a job under certain circumstances.
  • If you apply in a company, check whether there is an equal opportunities officer, and get in touch with this on. This should be done prior to the submission of your application. Here you may get important suggestions and tips, but sometimes already the realization that the cost of a job is not worthwhile.
  • Those who decide to mention his disability already in the application, can enclose a doctor’s certificate. This will help the understanding of the persona moth, what it is in the obstruction, and simultaneously creates confidence as you interact on an honest basis.
  • Such reports and accounts in the interview should always be correct but understandable. Jargon most likely to lead to confusion than to clarify issues. therefore not Maintain a simple and understandable formulation of what you can and can.
  • Despite the disability must not be the main subject of your application or even the interview. Rather, it’s about your skills, talents and skills to the fore and to convince the recruiter of your value to the company. You need the appropriate self-marketing concept. The disability should be formulated only in brief and positive. Here is an example: “. I for ten years now been working successfully as a bank clerk, my visual impairment does not limit me in the exercise of my activities”

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