17 Cover Letter Tips and advice

Your cover letter should eventually give your prospective employer a positive first impression to make the impression of you as a candidate a good choice!

The advertising psychology knows the so-called. AIDA formula. Transferred to an application is AIDA for the terms:

A = attention (generate attention for your application)

I = interest (interest in your person awaken)

D = desire (desire to know the candidate)

A = action (action and candidate Invite)

After these introductions you want to know how does the ideal cover letter, which to me an invitation to the course interview guarantees and thereafter to 100% with the intended work.

There is not it!

All the information you get here under arbeits-abc.de, provide a kind of experience. It is the quintessence of what applies to all applicants. To always understand our tips only as inspiration for your own application activities!

Please copy any of the sample applications, although this still sounds so convincing!

Applications are always absolutely individually, just as you also are unique as a human being! Only you have your personal profile, only you have the individual experiences that you offer on the market!

The formulation of a cover letter!

The letter must be credible. Credibility is in this sense, one should recognize the writer. hence The letter reflects the person again. So do not try to write in your application facts that sound implausible. No one takes z. B. from someone who has just finished his apprenticeship with a mediocre note that he has about his own responsibility passed to accounting. Just as little, it seems plausible, if an applicant claims to have applied in a four-week operational internship extremely responsible activities in the field Absatzwirtschaft!Be honest, do not overdo it! Try yourself realistically assess! see ProfessionalsPartnering immediately what is exaggerated and what is not!

Write in your language!

This of course is not your native language or dialect you meant! From a candidate who “only” completed secondary school has and z. B. an apprenticeship as a roofer successfully passed no one expected a letter of application, which is suspected to be nominated for the Nobel Prize! Different matter looks natural, the candidate has studied German, among others several semesters! It goes without saying that an application has honed formulations.

but should mean both applications be to be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Honesty and knowing oneself pay off with security. You are of course now rightly ask, because I have about as young professionals, retraining without years of professional experience have a chance in the labor market, if we of arbeits-abc.de advise you not “too thick” apply? Basically yes, if you manage to apply to the actual candidate points and with what you have mastered present,!

So Formulate your cover letter taking into account the following aspects:

  • Respond to the text of the job offer!
  • Speak your arguments, to be the right candidate for the job?
  • Do you have the required knowledge, skills or experience?
  • Can you throw more, additional experience in the scales?
  • Argue, why you are applying for the position!
  • What personal goals do you follow?

Format a cover letter – the appearance must be perfect!

Remember: That which you have placed content with creativity and care to paper, must also find last but not least the corresponding frame. Therefore, select the paper, the application file and the mailing envelope with the utmost care.

17 tips and advice on what you should consider to avoid in the form of the written application:

  1. For your cover letter and resume use only good white or
    subtly tinted paper. In no case lined A4 paper which describe only one side.
  2. Custom stationery with the name and address is only recommended for applications with a higher than average annual income (from € 35,000 annual salary)
  3. Pay close attention to the best print quality at the computer printout, inkjet or
    laser printing
  4. Also very important is a flawless spelling and punctuation.
    The new spelling you should be familiar by now!
  5. Also important is a clear, clear structure.
  6. Ensure good disposition and reasonable margins.
  7. Absolutely avoid dog-eared, stained and crumpled paper.
  8. Transparencies are all very well, but not when all application documents
    squeeze into a shell. The employer or HR decision-makers to reading
    your application documents have no troubles.
  9. Avoid colors like acid green or pink and patterns and all kinds of gags.
  10. Stay. In a discreet color selection and use for your application something nobler portfolios, terminal sessions or insertion systems The selection is very large.
  11. You should observe the correct order when filing the application.
    Generally speaking, the more important the document, the abheften earlier.
  12. Plants such. B. certificates should only be used in good and new photocopy.
  13. Before sending your application, get copies of all documents.
  14. For the submission of your application documents, you should use a stable A4 envelope with cardboard-back. The letter is placed loosely on the wallet.
  15. Look at the label of the envelope to the precise arrangement of the recipient and the sender and the stamp position. Do not use peace, environmental or Christmas stickers.
  16. Send your application as normal. In no case by express or
    registered mail-return receipt.
  17. Also make sure there is enough postage.

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