Planning Analyst Resume Template

planning analyst resume template
planning analyst resume template

Planning Analyst Resume

This is a free Planning Analyst Resume example that covers objectives and tips to gets you the best job. This professional resume template with action words will help you in writing perfect CV for the desired Planning Analyst Job.

Planning Analyst Job Description

  • Performs responsible co-ordination, liaison and analysis functions related to development of the Champaign County Mental Health Board’s (CCMHB) one and three year plans.
  • Develops and schedules the planning process, secures and analyzes needs assessment information, compiles and analyzes community input, prepares reports, develops goals and objectives, presents goals and objectives to Board for their review and action and coordinates distribution of the plan to interested organizations and individuals.
  • Provides information to the Board to identify mental health needs and trends, determine issues and priorities and effectively allocate resources to address these issues.
  • Coordinates timely implementation of planning and program development objectives included in the Board’s one and three year plans. Engages in activities to compile and maintain information on developing issues and trends in the mental health field.
  • Conducts needs assessments, reviews research and program literature.
  • Consults with other planning organizations, staffing task forces and study groups convened for the purpose of analyzing specific problem issues and preparing recommendations for consideration and action of the Board.
  • Prepares Requests for Proposals for Board funding of new programs, preparing review and comment on applications by community agencies to other funders and disseminates planning and program informations.
  • Maintains communications and liaison relationships with various County, regional and state mental health and human service agencies in order to share information and achieve coordination and integration of planning efforts.
  • Maintains extensive contact with private and public service providers, agency administrators, educators, advocacy groups and other community persons in order to exchange information and collaborate in planning activities. 

Sample Planning Analyst Resume Template


Contact information

In this section you have to include your Name, current home address, Mobile telephone number, Landline telephone number and your personal email address which is currently used.

  • Full name
  • Present and permanent addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address

Professional or career objective

Your objective is the one that clearly underlines your aims and aspirations in that profession. For example a Management Graduate will have to write an objective which is concise and precisely speaks about his role that he wants to play in the Organization.

Sample Objective for Planning Analyst

To obtain a responsible and challenging position with a progressive company where my work experience will have valuable application and utilization of my opportunity for advancement.

Career Achievements 

If you have any major Career Achievements or any Appreciation then this is the section where they should be listed. For Example a Planning Analyst can add his/her career achievements like,

  • Recognized by Citigroup company management in 2005, awarded “The financial planner of the year”.
  • Works to integrate CCMHB planning efforts with those of other agencies, identifying and facilitating Board determination of priorities of mental health needs with Champaign County.
  • Worked with International team on development of exports/imports of the company goods.
  • Organizes community development initiatives and interprets mental health research data, although priorities and policy are determined by the Executive Director and/or CCMHB.
  • Trained company personnel and clients on computer specific system, financial matters.
  • Received numerous letters of recommendation, and appreciation from customers, and management.


Previous work experience plays an important role while applying for a Job and hence it should be well presented in the resume. Most of the questions during your resume will be related to the previous job that you had and hence you should be well prepared for it. You should begin with putting the name of the organization that you worked for, the duration of your work and the post or the designation at which you were working. After this, you can effectively place points in a bulleted format that talk about the responsibilities and the achievements that you may have achieved during your stay at the previous organization. The work experience of an experienced Planning Analyst applying for a job would look like,

Planning Analyst

Citigroup, Bombay,2006-Present

  • Creating sophisticated and highly customized estate and financial plans for high net-worth clients (over 250 comprehensive analyses prepared for Smith Barney clients)
  • Relationship building, collaboration and cooperation with product partners and cross-referrals with asset management, trust, lending and life insurance specialists to provide a wide array of services to clients
  • Providing holistic, objective and unbiased planning advice to create a unique client experience and recommend solutions most appropriate to the client pursuant to his/her individual objectives
  • Serving as a planning resource to over 700 Smith Barney Financial Advisors across Michigan and Ohio
  • Assisting wealth planning centers across the country in generating analyses
  • Training newly hired analysts 

Planning Analyst

TEA, Trust and Estate Associate, Bombay, 2004-2005

  • Marketing trust services to Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors and their clients
  • Generating illustrations to demonstrate benefits of a variety of estate planning solutions to Financial Advisors and their clients
  • Reviewing estate planning documents
  • Communicating with the professional and legal community
  • Developed and implemented nationwide a computer-based new account application process
  • General office management duties 


Northern Trust Bank, Noida, 2002-2003

  • New business acquisition support
  • Development and maintenance of a trust client/prospect database
  • General office management duties 

Financial Planner

Silicon Graphics, Noida, 2000-2001

  • High-end graphics computer system assembly
  • Computer hardware and software customization

Education and Certification 

The academic details need to be mentioned in a tabulated format with respect to the degrees or the courses that the candidate would have undertaken in the past. The latest degree or course comes first followed by the last completed course and hence forth going backwards. For example a Planning Analyst who has completed post graduation or graduation course is applying for a Job or to a company or an organization then his/her details would be like,

  • MBA(Finance)

DAV, Delhi, 2000

  • B.Com.

DAV, Delhi, 1998


If you have won any competitions national or international then they could also be highlighted here. For example a Planning Analyst could lay stress on any exams that he may have given or any seminars or conferences attended. If you are a part of any honorary society or any nonprofit organization then that could also be added here.

The honors and the activities section of a Planning Analyst would look like,

  • Awarded the “Best Cadet Scouts ” award in 1997
  • Attended Financial Seminar By Man Mohan Singh in 1999.
  • Volunteered Gujrat Earth Quake camps in Ahemdabad.
  • Coordinates community organization activities, collaborating with other individuals and organizations in development of program proposals and funding applications.


The References are generally required so that your present employer can gauge you through the eyes of the people who you were associated with or have worked for. So your teachers or college professors’ details could be placed here. Or your past employer who you would have worked under can also be used as a reference. Ensure that the people whose names you enter know you well and do inform them that you are placing their names as reference because many companies call to confirm. For example the references section of a Planning Analyst could also look like,

Mr. Def

Sr. Manager



Salary Range of a Planning Analyst

  • The average salary received is approximately Rs. 26000 per month. This works out to an annual pay package of 3 Lakhs to 3.25 Lakhs per annum CTC.
  • The salary from an American perspective works out to be $9500 per Month.

Note: This salary may be variable and it may change from organization to organization. 

Frequently asked Planning Analyst Interview Question 

  • How would your colleagues or supervisor describe you?
  • What can you offer us that other people cannot?
  • What about this job attracts you? What is unattractive?
  • How long do you see yourself with us?
  • How would you describe an ideal working environment?
  • What specific goals, including those related to your occupation, have you established for your life?
  • What specific goals have you established for your career?
  • Describe the work environment or culture in which you are most productive and happy.

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