How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume

The summary of the administrative staff experience in your resume should include information about your past employers and the skills and tasks needed to know to do your job well. Different job seekers have different resume styles, but as long as you make sure that your resume is error free – typographical or otherwise – and properly formatted, you are now in leadership brought competition in the administrative assistant job market.

instructions Administrative Assistant

Include a statement of your goal at the top of your resume.

Your resume objective should be a few important skills and experiences that you separate yourself from the crowd in two or three sentences, set in your name to identify and contact information block. A clear and concise objective statement can be determined by other candidates when looking for an administrative assistant position. to communicate in your objective statement, to have prospective employers that you have the skills and experience important works as a successful management staff – good organizational skills, solid prioritization capability, ability to multitask, ability vague instructions, ingenuity and the ability to address even in a group and as a self-directed employees are all good examples of your work ethic to stress in your destination.

Identify the name of your past employer

or employers leave on another of your resume. Include the full name of the employer, if space permits. If you need to concern the name of your employer on two lines due to space, place the second line of text directly below the first row. Bold or italic, the names of the companies and organizations that you worked as an administrative assistant.

Identify the time frame

if you worked as an administrative assistant for various employers on your resume, either on the same line as the employer name or just below. Use months and years – the planned rental and last day are not required. Moreover, the position of each of the past determine administrative assistant positions – potential employers appreciate knowing if you have worked in a rural or urban environment in the past.

Lists Your main tasks

at each of your administrative assistant positions below the employer’s name and time Use neutral or positive language, and write in the past tense. A list of key administrative tasks might look like this: “Answered phones, managed calendars of the Executive Director, drafted correspondence for senior staff, supervised management trainees and Managed Inventory and equipment for the office.”

Identify all major projects

services or supervisory experience you managed in your job as an administrative assistant as a separate bullet point or entry under the respective employer. If you have a main aspect of the company’s business handled – such as responding to customer inquiries or review and distribution of grant applications – to emphasize that the experience to your resume stand out from the crowd. Also identify any awards that you receive, and internal awards to employees in the company given for outstanding contributions. An administrative assistant who is comfortable taking on additional responsibilities – and who stands out – is a desirable at nearly every company.

example Administrative Assistant resume


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