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Seeking a full-time or part-time job, as well as internship. Make sure that the objective should be directed towards a specific industry sector (such as Construction, Consulting, Retail, Banking, Financial, etc…), job title (Such as Financial analyst, Site Engineer, Marketing Manager, etc…), coupled with the skills needed for the job. If your objective is general, and you are not sure of the above, it is recommended to exclude it.


EDUCATION_Most Recent Backwards__________________________________________________________________________

From MM/YY to MM/YYAmerican University of Beirut                                                  Beirut, Lebanon  Bachelor in Business Administration, with Emphasis on Finance

Minor in Economics

Expected Date of Graduation: June 2011

Courses Taken (Relevant to the job, if necessary): Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management

GPA over 4 or average over 100: ##. Honors, or Awards, if any

From MM/YY to MM/YY              International College                                                               Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese Baccalaureate: Official in 2008

Mention Tres Bien


EXPERIENCE Most Recent Backwards_________________________________________________________________________

From MM/YY to MM/YY           XYZ Bank,                                                                               London, UK

Position Held: Trainee

  • Designed a new system (Use Action Verbs)
  • Entered data (Use Action Verbs)
  • Participated in several projects (Use Action Verbs)

From MM/YY to MM/YY              Lebanese Red Cross                                                                Beirut, Lebanon

Position held: Volunteer

  • Assisted Red Cross in voluntary works and activities

(Use Action Verbs)

  • Followed NGO in special projects and assignments in

collaboration with Red Cross team (Use Action Verbs)


PROJECTS ACCOMPLISHED________________________________________________________________________________

  • Specify the Name of the project only
  • Specify the Name of the Project only

Academic and non-Academic relevant projects could be added here or under the experience if related


SUMMARY SKILLS_______________________________________________________________________________________

COMPUTER SKILLS: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Internet use, AutoCad, HTML, C++, Visual Basic, etc…

Include only the relevant ones


LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Arabic and French with basic knowledge in Spanish (writing, reading and speaking)


SOFT SKILLS: Leadership, Communication, Team-Building, Organizational, Management, Public Speaking, etc…

Include only the relevant ones


RESEARCH SKILLS: Included if relevant by specifying the computer programs used in the analysis


TECHNICAL SKILLS: Surveying, Procurement, etc… Included if relevant


INTERESTS AND HOBBIES__________________________________________________________________________________

  • Sports:
  • Artistic:
  • Cultural:
  • Social:
  • Others:

You may include only those which are relevant to you



Available upon request

sample resume template bachelor business
sample resume template bachelor business

Physicians Assistant Professional Resume

United States University of professional analysis: the physician assistant profession.Physician assistants (PAs) are approved, doing medical work in under a doctor‘s supervision. As part of the health care team, physician assistants do medical records, examination and treatment patients, make an appointment and interpret laboratory tests and x-rays, diagnosis and prescription drugs.


If it‘s right for you?


If you like to work as part of a team but it is relatively independent, like responsibility, likes to solve problems for others, like volunteer work in hospitals or clinics, thenyou might also like a professional.


If you are good at listening, attention to detail, good nursing/rearing, good critical reading/thinking, good control of emergency situations, leadership, good organization, teamwork, good at time management … … Or … … Proactive, confident, good at verbal expression, so you can consider this a major.


High school can do to prepare:


English 4, Math 3-4 (statistics will help), 3-4 experimental science (biology and chemistry), social studies 3, 2-3 and a foreign language.


Did you know


In many schools, physician assistant students to sit for many medical courses? PA education and doctor of education distinction lies not in the curriculum, but how much training.


Physician assistants often work independently? In rural and innercity clinics, doctors could only work there for a day or two a week, and physician assistants is primarymedical provider; they will if necessary seek supervision of doctors. Physician assistants will home visits patients, or patients to hospitals, nursing homes and doctors reported.


Typical for this major curriculum: Anatomy, medical records and the diagnosis, pharmacology, microbiology, behavioral science, clinical medicine, Gynecology and obstetrics, Pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, surgery, intensive care, medical laboratory science, radiology, medical and health, medical ethics,


Specialty: as a general rule, no professional.


Professional learning Description:


All States require new physician assistants complete a physician assistant EducationAccreditation Committee (ARC-PA) approved by the academic education. PA specialty at the host institution, these organizers include universities, fouryear colleges, community colleges and hospitals.


Degrees Professional (certificate, associate‘s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or master’sdegree) depends on the organiser. Most grant master’s degrees, most PA graduateshave at least a Bachelor’s degree. No matter what kind of degree awarded and every certified PA profession must meet standards established by the ARC-PA. These professional courses offered including medical, behavioral and social sciences, clinicalsciences, health policy, professional practice, as well as supervised clinical practice.Average length of PA training was 26 months.


For admission, many PA requires that you have completed at least two years of University courses and participate in a number of medical and health work. Many applicants from other health professionals, such as nursing, medical emergency, etc, into the PA profession. Prerequisites for different schools (including medical and health experience, courses, degrees, and test scores) and application deadlines are different from each other, so to advance investigations of the PA profession.


In General, PA education includes one year classroom courses, and then a year inmedical and health institutions under the supervision of clinical practice (Rotary). You of course include: Anatomy, microbiology, clinical medicine, clinical pharmacology, physical diagnosis, medical ethics, old-age and family health, biochemistry, pathology, and disease prevention. In addition to lectures, there are many opportunities for group learning, and under the supervision of the teachers opportunities to improve your clinical skills. In the second year, you spend at least 40 hours a week in thepractice of clinical rotations and Web departments including internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, general surgery, and Psychiatry.


Complete PA professional learning, you must pass the physician assistant Certified Federal Council (NCCPA) exam. In addition to the Federal certification, you need to practise in your state certified or registered. This career requires lifelong learning, PAare required every 6 years to attend a certification exam and complete 100 hours ofcontinuing medical education every 2 years.


Other professionals you might like: optometric Assistant, registered operation nursing, radiologic technology/medical imaging, physical training, funeral services/mortuary science, respiratory therapy, medical records management, medical diagrams, forensic science, biology, biomedical engineering,


Ask schools questions:


To be accepted by PA, how much health care experience is required? What type ofexperience to meet the requirements?


Does your professional medical centres for services (CASPA)? This service collects,verifies applicant information and distribution to schools.


Recent graduates through medical Assistant about how much of the Federal certification exams?


Career choice and development trends:


Many PA‘s work in the area of primary health care, such as internal medicine, Pediatrics and family medicine. Others working in the field, such as general surgery, thoracic surgery, emergency medicine, orthopaedic, geriatric etc. PA who specializes insurgery provide preoperative and postoperative care, also working as an Assistant in surgery.


It was a good professional jobs, is expected to be growing at an aboveaverage rate, this is from the United States‘s growing health care needs as well as national efforts to control costs. High demand for PA areas and these areas are places where doctor shortages, such as in remote areas and inner-city slum clinics. Doctors with notechnology for interactive consultation (telemedicine) will also increase the role of PA.
Example Resume =
physician assistant CV
physician assistant CV
physician assistant resume cv
physician assistant resume cv
physician assistant professional resume
physician assistant professional resume
physician assistant professional
physician assistant professional

Become a Medical Assistant & Example Resume

Assistant to update a patient‘s medical records, filling out insurance forms, and in the doctor‘s Office to answer the phone.
In most States, the Assistant does not require formal education. Most have at least a high school diploma. Many assistants learn through on-the-job training.
Needed for this vocational high school students interested in studying biology, chemistry and anatomy. Medical assistants usually have a high school diploma or equivalent. Most States do not require medical assistants with formal education. However, some medical assistants graduated from formal education courses may be more popular among employers. Related courses from community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, or universities, take about 1 year to complete. These programs usually have a certificate or diploma. Community and junior colleges offer 2year programs grant associate degrees. All courses include classrooms and labs, including lessons in anatomy and medical terminology.
Some States may require assistants graduated certification course or pass the exam, or both to accomplish advanced tasks, such as x-rays and injections.
Through on-the-job training, a doctor or other medical assistants will teach a new Assistant medical terms, name of the instrument, how to do every day tasks, how to interact with patients, as well as other tasks to help keep the Office running smoothly. An Assistant should also learn how to write a paper and electronic health records, patient information. Generally takes several months to complete training, according to talent.
Certified medical assistants are not required to. However, employers prefer to hire certified assistants.Some organizations offer certification. Some need assistants to pass the exam and other required to complete certification course. In most cases, the applicant is at least 18 years old before applying for certification.
National Board certification body certification, superior part of the VDE testing and certification Institute, authorized four medical assistant certification:
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA,Certified Medical Assistant), from the United States Association of medical assistants (AAMA,American Association of Medical Assistants)
A registered medical assistant (RMA, Registered Medical Assistant), from United States medical technician
Statecertified medical assistant (NCMA,National Certified Medical Assistant), fromthe national testing center
Certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA,Certified Clinical Medical Assistant), fromthe national institutes of health practitioners
To the CMA certification exam, the Assistant must complete joint health education program Accreditation Committee (CAAHEP,Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) or the Bureau of health education schools recognition (ABHES,Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools) College medical assisting courses And pass the certification exam. For the other three certification, take the certification exam without formal education.
Important qualities
Analytical skills. Medical assistants must be able to understand and comply with medical history and diagnosis. They may be necessary in patients with medical recordsfor billing.
Attention to detail. Medical Assistant to record patients ‘ vital signs and other information must be precise. Doctors and insurance companies rely on accurate records.
Interpersonal skills. Medical assistants need to work with other personnel, such asdoctors, discuss the patient‘s information. They often confronted with pain or distress of patients, so they need to be able to act in a calm and professional manner.
Technical skills. The clinical medical assistant should be able to use the basic tools,enabling them to understand the patient‘s vital signs, heart rate or blood pressure.

Medical Assistant Resume Examples

medical assistant resume
medical assistant resume
medical office assistant resume
medical office assistant resume
personal medical assistant resume
personal medical assistant resume
medical office administrative assistant resume
medical office administrative assistant resume
medical labolatory assistant resume
medical labolatory assistant resume


become a pharmacy technician & sample Resume

Although the majority receive a pharmacy technician at work held exerciser, many employers prefer that their pharmacy technologies formal training, previous experience or certificate have. Technical schools, community colleges, the military, some hospitals and schools often provide the formal training courses to those interested in this particular career field. Formal programs require students a variety of courses, including pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical and medical terminology, pharmaceutical techniques, pharmacy record keeping, ethics and pharmacy law to take.

To become a pharmacy technician, a person must also learn the names of the medications used to treat them like they used to investigate complaints, and the correct doses of the medications. A student may also complete an internship to gain practical exercises in a pharmacy. After completion of a formal program, receive pharmacy technician student a degree, certificate or diploma of the participant.

Some states require that all pharmacy technicians confirmed. This certificate acquired by taking an exam that exercised by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. Candidate for the examination have a school diploma or a GED own.

Candidates must no felony convictions within a period of five years also. You should have never received any felony convictions related to drug or pharmacy work. Approved Pharmacy technologies must renew their certification every two years.

fill pharmacy technology help pharmacists and implement regulations relating to the patient n. Someone who wants to become a pharmacy technician can prepare the medication often include pills and label medication bottles. If a person decides to become a pharmacy technician, he or she also perform cashier work can, answer the phones, stocking the shelves.

Sometimes pharmacy technologies can receive ordinances electronically sent from the doctor’s office. You must all always check that the information listed on the Regulation, are correct. Before supplying the medication to the patient, has a pharmacy technology have his or her work, the checked by the pharmacist to ensure accuracy. Something pharmacy technologies can prepare insurance benefit forms even.

Pharmacy technicians who work in nursing homes and hospitals, may be responsible for reading Patient charts also be preparing and medicine, which can advance check by the pharmacist medicine. Once the pharmacist approves the work performed by the technology, the pharmacy technician can give the patient the medication. The technician then adds information about the medicine gt the patient’s chart.

Since pharmacy technicians work in retail settings, hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities, they must be prepared to work nights, weekends and holidays. Some systems are 24 hours a day open 7 days a week so a technician can be set to work unusual hours. Anyone who wants to become a pharmacy technician works closely with pharmacists, helping them to the medication needs of patients surcharge.

Pharmacy Technician Example Resumes

pharmacy technician resume CV
pharmacy technician resume CV
pharmacy technician resume example
pharmacy technician resume example
pharmacy technician resume samples
pharmacy technician resume samples
pharmacy technician resume
pharmacy technician resume

7 Examples of CV Template

Before diving headlong into your resume writing take a few minutes to ask you about the usefulness and relevance of this document you will send recruiters.
A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is used primarily to get an interview, not a job. It is an indispensable and necessary tool but far be enough! It is only the first step of a journey that sometimes may be long and difficult.
This is your detailed business card. Your resume should reflect in a few lines who you are, what you have done and learned and more generally, what you can and what you want to do.
A CV (Curriculum Vitae) well done is a CV (Curriculum Vitae) that gives the recruiter to go further in its reading. It will read first in a few seconds and will seek to start to understand if your skills meet the minimum requirements of the position; age, training and experience… If it passes this first step, your recruiter will then take the time to read more in detail to form a real opinion.
A CV (Curriculum Vitae) bright, airy, accurate, synthetic and positive then is your most beautiful asset to win your first interview. You will find appropriate CV templates to download for free.

7 Examples CV Template Here


example resume template for student
example resume template for student
example resume template classic presentation with photo
example resume template classic presentation with photo
example resume template columns presentation
example resume template columns presentation
example resume template for presentation
example resume template for presentation
example resume template presentation
example resume template presentation
example resume template 2016
example resume template 2016
example resume template student
example resume template student