Free blank resume templates

So one is resume templates just created: you are just about to write your resume for a job and are looking for attractive patterns and templates? Moreover, looking further information, samples and tips? Then you are probably in the right place! On the following pages you will find 4 example blank resume templates for your resume. With just one click you can resume templates for free and easily download and customize to your liking! All blank resume templates are optimized for Microsoft Word, other programs such as Open Office or LibreOffice may therefore compatibility issues.

A resume template as a practical tool

Even when resume applies: Every beginning is difficult. However, by the appropriate template, see a quick start and no longer start in front of a blank sheet. Win beyond uncomplicated way an overview of the structure, the structure and content of a resume. Already with a few glances you can see using a template which data are important for the resume.

By selecting an appropriate template you already have a good foundation and can start to fill in the resume. If necessary, you can read by using our Advisor deeper into the matter and so considered in need avoid disappointment during on various aspects of the curriculum vitae. You can then customize the layout and design in Word free. Use your own ideas so you can create a professional and individual resume.

Even if you are still looking for ideas for the design, you can be inspired by the wide range of templates. If you like an idea, you can simply download the respective resume template and see directly how the particular idea was put into practice in Word.

blank resume templates of inspiration for  design

Often HR managers have little time for reading an application available. Therefore a resume gets sometimes only a few seconds of attention. These seconds are then decide whether you will reach the next step in the application process.

Through a clear layout and an appealing design, you can ensure that HR decision-makers can find important skills on your part with only a few glances quickly and recognize. Ultimately, it would be very unfortunate if important qualifications, knowledge and skills do not come according to the validity or even overlooked. Our resume format can offer in this regard a number of examples that will help you to develop a successful and clear layout.

Try with your application to obtain already at first glance a good impression and present your qualifications and skills in the best light. Finally, it is nothing less than your personal future!

example of blank resume templates

blank resume templates
blank resume templates

blank resume templates sales manager

chronological blank resume templates
chronological blank resume templates
entry level blank resume templates
entry level blank resume templates
free download blank resume template
free download blank resume template

Recommendation Letter : Write and Examples

high school recommendation letter
high school recommendation letter

If you are a manager, big boss or liable for any service, you will definitely need one day wrestle you writing a  recommendation letter for a former or future ex-employee. Perhaps a more difficult exercise than the letter for yourself. It chews you work. Here are our tips and a form letter.

Why ?

The principle of this letter is simple: make it clear to a manager or recruiter that your protege is qualified for the job he covets, without burning your reputation and without compromising your self. Also note that this type of letter can really make the difference to your face protected the other candidates. If you agreed to do him this favor, keep in mind that your job is to say what he could not tell the recruiter himself, in his own words.

For who ?

You are manager , and you have worked with many collaborators, provided you are not supposed to write letters of recommendation for everyone! It is important that you are completely comfortable with the request made to you.Only accept for people you know well. You must be able to easily talk about its values, qualities and personality. Needless to say, the letter urges you and your manager reputation. So do not defend the poor colt, and do not overdo it on his skills. Ask him his resume and the advertisement for the position to better target your recommendations.

You can not refuse!

To dismiss politely request a recommendation, refilez else the baby to someone, “I do not think the best person to recommend your work and to better evoke your skills, I think XXX you know well, better describe your profile. “Alternatively, ask the suitor to write this letter himself and then you submit, you will have tangible arguments to explain that you are not comfortable with the way things develop and you find that you are not credible in that role.

The contents

A recommendation letter must be contain the following information:

– Who are you?
– What is / was your reporting relationship with the person you recommend?
– Why do you think that person is qualified for the position
– What are the specific skills of that person?
– Your details to be contacted again

6 example of recommendation letter

scholarship recommendation letter

nanny recommendation letter sample

recommendation letter student

sample letter recommendation student

caregiver recommendation letter sample

high school recommendation letter sample


cover letter examples : Good Samples

sample cover letter template basic

In my last job, everything was going wrong, schedules did not like, I do not get along with my colleagues and my bosses were really unbearable. I wanted to resign then, but since it was the first time I did this kind of approach, I sought a free template cover letter examples on the internet. He only took a few minutes to come across this really cool site.

It lists over 11 models and all completely free of course. So armed with a sheet and a pen, I copied the example. I who am not good at writing letters, it was easier afterwards. The next day I sent by registered mail to my employer and it has been annoyed when he received it. In the end, he quickly regretted not having me not well considered.

Once my notice finishes towards the pole job for my registration as unemployed, I took a few weeks to rest, but soon I had to get back to looking for a new job, and for that, I returned to this website to see an example of a resume and cover letter. I could see that as the years, the presentation had again changed.

I do not know if it’s my personality envy or the letters I have written, but anyway, I quickly had several meetings, and I was even able to choose where I wanted to go because several employers wanted me home. You may believe me when I tell you that a well written letter can change everything. Do not write anything and enjoy the free site.

The cover letters and presentations are key could open the doors of employment. They should be personalized and direct link to the job applied for. To increase your chances of hiring, it is important to know the company you are interested to concretely demonstrate to the employer your desire to be part of his organization. While reading your letter that deciding whether to grant you an interview.Stand out!

11 cover letter examples in your profession:

nurse cover letter examples

flight attendant cover letter examples

clerk cover letter examples

retail cover letter examples

teacher cover letter examples

pharmacist cover letter examples

dental cover letter samples

sales cover letter samples

engineer cover letter examples

graphic designer cover letter example

training cover letter


Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Most foundations require their candidates at least one letter of recommendation. What makes a good letter of Scholarship Recommendation Letter, you can find out here.

Letter of recommendation for a scholarship application can be either expert opinions or personal opinion. A technical assessment should in particular take on the technical qualifications of the applying for a scholarship student reference. The Personality Analysis should be from a person who knows the candidate well and has looked after him in a life. This can be a teacher but also be the head of a student ministries.

The content and structure of the recommendation letter

Although the expert opinion shall in particular refer to the technical qualifications of the candidate, this does not mean that it should only act thereof. If a foundation so take special care that their candidate can demonstrate commitment, then a tender guteeech professor who has your commitment to a student department can observe also it refer.

In principle, a letter of recommendation for a scholarship application a certain structure should follow. That is, the Guteeech Tende introduction initially mentioned, where, how long and how well he knows you. This may be, for example, from one of his lectures.

Then the Guteeech Tendering should as required describe your professional qualifications. Here he can take notes and highlight content reference valuable contributions from you during his lectures. Perhaps this reviewer has ever cared a work of yourself and write something about the content of this work.

In the subsequent section of the verified should call your technical properties. He may like for example, as extremely structured (s) students or student have perceived and emphasize your analytical skills.

It should also not be missing in each report a section on your personality. Perhaps the expert was able to observe how good you you are integrating in a group and if you are particularly popular with fellow students.

If a foundation to another feature in the life of applicants pay special attention, such as social, political or religious cause, then it should be addressed in a separate paragraph of an assessment of your person on this property.

In a report may not be missing after all the final explicit recommendation of the evaluator for a scholarship. In it, he has to make it clear that he endorses it explicitly states that you will receive a grant.

What is your role in write opinion

It is advisable to ask several letters of recommendation from various experts, if you will be granted in the letter of understanding. Then you can select. Often this is not possible because many foundations require that them the recommendation discs will be sent directly in a sealed envelope, so that the candidate has no insight into the recommendation letter.

Many professors and teachers are willing to create a letter of recommendation for scholarships applications. It’s best to ask those in which you have achieved the best ratings. Trust you quiet because a lot to lose, there is not present.

However, you should also evaluator in its work to support, for example, by You deliver the content of the letter of recommendation in many parts. Moreover, you can, for example, your products and your resume for scholarship application enclose and key words provide substantive evidence. The best, however, you ask first cautiously, wants the kind of support the Guteeech Tendering for drafting the recommendation letter.

OUR TIP : You want your scholarship application will be a success? Then recommend is this you eBook . This book provides you with sample language for your cover letter or by different templates to tabular or formulated resume optimal basis, so your application will be a success.

example Scholarship Recommendation Letter

sample scholarship recommendation letter
sample scholarship recommendation letter
scholarship recommendation letter sample
scholarship recommendation letter sample

how to Write a love letter

lover letter
lover letter

How to write a love letter ? The declarations of love , occasionally or not Valentine’s Day , do not happen necessarily in front of the girl or boy you love. Sometimes it is better to send a letter love to the beloved. And it’s so romantic to write or receive a love letter  ! Sometimes even a few words of love enough. But beware there are some rules to follow if one wants his statement is a favorable outcome. Advice declare his love through a letter.

Write a love letter

Often face to the person that we love , eye to eye, we dare not reveal his love, fearing a mocking smile, a dumbfounded air, a negative response and worse was afraid of being rejected. Few have the courage and comfort needed to make what they feel. In alove letter it is obviously possible to speak more freely …

But it must be clear?

Before you write a letter of love   it is better still to test the feelings of the other.

If you write a love letter to someone who is madly in love with another or another, or who does not support you, you will inevitably to disaster.

Declaration of love

The love letter you write should first talk to someone in particular and not someone who does not look like him. The object of your love should recognize it.

So forget generalities, spread the poems famous or not you find in books, letters , the writer of letters or love letters written by your best friend.

The feelings that you describe in this letter must necessarily be related to her or him.

As part of a love letter (and in all things that matter) is nothing more annoying than someone that spans pages and pages about what he feels or thinks.

OK to say you’re in love, but never lose sight of what matters the Other! The subject of the letter is always him!

A love letter should necessarily have the main subject or the one vou s like.

What to write?

Put in relief (without exaggeration or flattery) the qualities of the Other and replace as much as possible by the TU JE.

Do not hesitate to project yourself into the future with the object of your love : mention of the projects you want to set.

Make dream!

Lack of inspiration?

You do not know what to write  ?

Think about that or the one you love, the first time you’ve seen, the memories shared, lived together in situations where he or she has impressed you. He was attentive?

His intelligence has seduced you?

Its beauty has amazed you?

He or she demonstrated courage?

In your declaration of love, say so!

Emphasize its features.

Express your admiration and love for her or him.

But be sincere.

Listen to your heart .

Do not write anything

Words fly and writings remain!

Some, listening only to their heart tend to pack into a love letter, and say more than they should.

Be careful. The day you write a love letter mention your feelings , in your interest to another, but do not indulge too much, and especially do not reveal anything that you should regret later.

So no question of indulging in flaming erotic delusions. Keep your fantasies for you … or for when you can satisfy the

Poem or love letter?

Contrary to popular belief, the style is not so important. Is not a poet or writer who wants!

Your love letter should reflect your personality. Why not not use a humorous, original, light or matter if it is yours?

Be yourself !

A letter personal will certainly more fun than a text of a novelist of the nineteenth century! Keep it simple: avoid scientific or pompous words.

While writing a love letter


– A printed letter. L A written letter hand is needed

– Long sentences.

– Illegible handwriting

– the repetitions

– spelling mistakes

– The letters of more than 2 pages: no romance!

– The writer quotes

– Raw and vulgar words

Write on any paper?

You can write a love letter on any paper while avoiding red (a little forced in intent) a paper schoolboy tiles, a stationery for children with illustrations or worse a sheet of paper torn from a block.

By choosing a plain white or pastel paper you will not go wrong.

Writing with pen what?

As long as you do not use a pencil, any pen (felt or ink) is acceptable.

Avoid still ballpoint pen red or green!

How to start the letter?

The header

If you still know little about the object of your love, it is not about to start the letter by an article as possessive “my” or “Ma”.

Start the letter by writing only his first name.

Use the words “My Love  ” or “Sweetheart” only if your relationship has started. No familiarity!

The text

Do not procrastinate: go right ahead!

Start by mentioning the first day you met and the effect that this meeting had on you: “Since I met you, I can not stop thinking about you … you …

After that

Then? Evoke the meeting, the effect she (or he) has had on you and its many qualities.Finally, propose a meeting.

Finish the letter

No way to write  : “I kiss you everywhere! “Ni” kisses “and even less” big kiss “. “I kiss you” enough.

Or you can forget the hugs and simply write “I love you.”

Do not forget to sign !!!

Sign the letter

Even in an email, it is more elegant to sign.

You’re certainly not obligated to put your family name, your first name is enough, or you can sign a qualifier eg your friend, your lover, the man who loves you, etc.

But if the Other does not know you very well, especially if your name is common, if you want him or her to answer, do not forget to rate the top of the letter, left your first and last name, and below your details (your choice of phone number, email address and postal address).

how to Write a greeting card

How to wish a Happy New Year with friends or professional relations? Send a greeting card messages  for the new year is to show respect and friendship. But what sort of greeting card to send? And what are the uses to follow either when writing greetings card either when it is answered. Discover our sample text for the new year and our free templates greeting card .

When sending a greeting card

The simple rule is, do not send a greetings card wishing a good year before the new year.

Before 1 st January

Only want to beautiful holiday season

In February

N”envoyez or card or letter to address your wishes . It is also too late to meet the wishes received .

Doing so may seem careless or rude.


Send the elderly a letter traditional, with date, salutation and signature rather than a greetings card .

Younger first send their best wishes to their elders

Relationships, to supervisors, bosses, former colleagues

To all those to whom you want to show your attachment, send a nice greeting card illustrated, created or not an association charity, Unicef style.

There are spoiled for choice.

Be careful though with elegance and sobriety.

Send wishes on a card business is a little dry. Your card business will serve only to meet the wishes received.

Write on the card business:

Touched for your kind wishes, thank you and offers to turn his most cordial good wishes for the new year

With close friends

You can send the ecard (by email), SMS and MMS embellished with a small text message wishing beautiful festivals of end of the year or a good year.

Respond to a greeting card

If you receive a greeting card , it is customary to respond by sending you as a cardgreeting or card business and this in a very short time.

This is an elegant way to thank them for their shipment.

Greeting Card

A greeting card is not a letter , so there is no need to itemize your moods or to evoke rain or shine. A few lines suffice .

What to write on a greeting card?

If it’s someone dear to you, feel free to write his name in the header and do not forget to sign.

Free text for greeting cards

Text for a greeting card # 1 

Aurélie dear, dear Barnabas,

We take this period of festivities to wish you a Happy New Year 2016.

Joy, happiness, health and prosperity!

Alain and Claudine

Text for a greeting card # 2

Dear Bud,
On the occasion of this new year, I will send my wishes health, happiness and success.

I’m kissing you strongly


Text for a greeting card # 3

Carl Darling,

The whole family joins me to wish you a wonderful New Year celebrations

With all our affection

Text for a greetings card # 4

In a relationship, write:

Dear Bud,
On the occasion of this new year 2016, we wish you all our wishes for happiness, prosperity and above all health, you and all those you loved.

Text for a greeting card # 5

At a higher, write:

Dear Sir,
Please accept, for this new year , my best wishes.


Text for a greetings card # 6

Dear Bud Wayser,
In this period of festivities , I would like to express the loyalty of my memory, and send you my wishes more respectful.


A company will write to its commercial relations:

Text for a greeting card # 7

Any team Toutpratique  presents its best wishes for 2016

(All department heads or department heads concerned will sign)

happy birthday greeting card thankyou greeting cards

write this salutation letter

If add a salutation at the end of an e-mail or letter is mandatory, when writing to some people this salutation should be adapted to the quality of the person and its function. You must write an ambassador, a cardinal, a deputy, a lawyer, a headmaster, or even your health insurance? Choose the correct salutation.


Please accept, Sir (or Madam Ambassador, in the case of his wife) in the assurance of my respectful consideration.


I beg you to believe Madam Ambassador, the assurances of my respectful consideration

Legal-Notary bailiff Auctioneer

Please accept, Master, the expression of my respectful and sincere greetings


Please accept, Your Eminence, the expression of my sincere respect.


Please accept, my Father, the expression of my deep devotion.


Please accept, Sir or Madam Deputy, the assurances of my highest consideration or with my respects, I beg you to accept, Mr Deputy or Madam Deputy, the assurances of my highest consideration .


Please accept, doctor, expression of my highest consideration.


Please accept, Monseigneur the Bishop, the expression of my respectful and sincere devotion.

Ranking Army

Yours sincerely, (Mon) General (Colonel -Dispatch) the assurances of my highest consideration.


I ask you to accept or Madam Judge, the expression of my respectful and sincere greetings.


Please accept, Sir or Madam Mayor, the assurances of my highest consideration.


With my respects, please accept, Madam or – Sir, Minister, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Justice Ministry

With my respects, I beg you to accept, Sir or Madam Attorney General, the assurances of my highest consideration.


I Accept, Holy Father, expressing my immense and deep devotion.


I beg you to believe, Mrs. or Mr. Prefect, the assurances of my respectful greetings.


Please accept, Madam prosecutor or Mr. Prosecutor, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Please accept, Madam Principal or Mr. Headmaster, the assurances of my highest consideration.

To your health insurance

Please accept, Madam or Sir, the expression of my cordial greetings.

how to write a letter

letter sample business
letter sample business

How to write a letter ? There are uses to respect when writing a letter (or email). Want to show your good education and make you spend as someone serious? Do not write anything and especially look after the presentation and the wording of your letter.  It is not directed to a friend as a business relationship. Learn how to start a letter and final salutations , following our letter templates.

Write a letter

Paper color

For all that is professional or official, use plain paper , white, at best, a pale color like beige, sky blue or very pale gray.

Avoid bright colors.

But if your correspondent is an intimate, all colors, all genres are allowed, all but ruled paper torn paper at the kitchen block.

The paper size

The size the more current is 21 x 29,7 cm, and the basis weight of 90 to 110g.

The color of the ink

If there is a wedding invitation all colors are allowed, both an ink orange that raw green, provided the meet on the envelope .

If the letter is professional prefer a pen black or blue ink.

address printed or engraved

If you e Crivez much, if you are a man, you can print, and even more chic, burn your address (not your name) on the top left of the paper.

A woman, she will burn or print his first name and surname, not his address.

The name and address of the sender

Place the top left of the page, your name – the first name and last name (and not the opposite, which is seriously lacking elegance!).

Below write down your address , even below your postal code and city.

Always on the line, so you need as you follow, you add your mobile number and still the line, your address email.

The name and address of the consignee

You will place on the same lines where you entered your name and address, but right.

The purpose of the letter or reference

Place this statement a few lines below your address , taking into account the margin left

The date

If you choose to align left, you will notice the time a few lines below the object.

Respecting the margin.

Otherwise, either the center or the shift based on the withdrawal you will use to begin your paragraphs. Note first the city and then the day .

Ex: Paris, …

The header

Join the header below the day , a few lines down, respecting either the left margin, or withdrawal.

If you do not know the recipient, choose:

  Mr. or Mrs.

S i you have already met this person:

– Dear Sir or Madam

If there is a business relationship:

– Dear Claudine Wayser or expensive André Dupont

Sometimes, depending on the function of certain persons, the Convention requires to write the title of the person.

Write :

– A lawyer, bailiff, notary or auctioneer: Master

– A Cardinal: Eminence

– To a priest: Father  

– In general: My general if a man writing

or General if it is a woman who writes

(Valid for all senior military officers)

– A mayor: Sir or Madam Mayor

– A doctor: Doctor

– A minister: Mr. or Madam (the) Minister

– The Minister of Justice: Mr. or Madam Attorney 

– Pope: Most Holy Father

– A prefect Sir or Madam (the) prefect (e)

– The President of the Republic: Mr. or Mrs. President of the Republic

The titles of president, minister, attorney general or prefect will keep for life.

Errors not to commit

Always letter or email with a heading

Never begin a letter with ” I

Never write the date abbreviated

Never write ” Monday

In your headers and your polite phrases in the text of your letter, as on the envelope, do not omit any capital .

Eg Sir or madam, Madam Minister .

The uses   to respect

The correspondance Companies and individuals can not escape certain conventions.

One must write the name and address of the sender, the name and address of the recipient , the date, header text, salutation and the reference or object.

sometimes only the layout changes.

Some prefer that the text is aligned with the left margin, others begin each paragraph with a withdrawal.

What matters is the clarity of the letter.

Write a letter: Text

Start writing  about, at the middle of the page. If the letter is written by hand, write without any temperature and right.

If you doubt your abilities, use of a guide line.

Observe the margins . The margin left should not exceed more than 4 centimeters and the right, 2 centimeters.

Write a letter to a public service

Contact the relevant persons. Be clear about the purpose of this letter or your request.Be as specific as possible.

Give all relevant information, stating clearly in the letter all the steps you have already taken and if necessary the services you have contacted.

Remember not to join the photocopy of relevant documents that might support your statements or your application, and number them. (Keep the originals.)

Add, below: the purpose of the letter, then still under your reference (if it is eg social security write your registration number or if it is of the Caisse d’Allocations family No. of your beneficiary).

Even lower register marked Attachments.

On this line, you specify the numbers of the documents you sent to them.

Finally, attach to file an envelope stamped mentioning your details.

Errors not to commit

Your letter is written? Read it!

– Correct spelling mistakes, grammar, rehearsals, “I am,” I was “, etc …

– Do not forget the capital, however, remove one month of the date

– Check accents , dot the “i “, and punctuation.

– Put parentheses the exact meaning of abbreviations or acronyms that might be incomprehensible to your correspondent.

Do not use pretentious salutations

The final salutations

the basic

– Yours sincerely, Yours sincerely

– Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

– Please accept, Sir, my respectful greetings.

A man wrote to a woman or a man

– “Please accept, Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration”

– Please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration “

 A man wrote to a woman he knows well

Accept or please accept, dear Madam, the assurances of my distinguished feelings

– I beg you to believe, dear Madam, the expression of my devoted sentiments

A woman wrote to a woman she considers higher or the same social level it:

Please accept, Madam,
– the expression of my distinguished feelings

– In my respectful remembrance

– The assurance of my feelings or my heartfelt sympathy

A woman wrote to a younger start his formula of politeness by:

  – Believe

A woman wrote to a young friend start his formula politeness by:

– Accept

Errors not to commit

Avoid the formula : Please accept Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration. “The term” insurance has no clear connotation

Remember to add the word ” expression (eg, the assurances of my highest consideration “ in your salutation, if you want to witness a greater respect for the caller.

If you need to write to a friend never end your letter with these two formulas: ” please accept or receive” but ” accept .

A man, a woman avoids abuse his feelings

Do not use the formula: ” Please accept, Sir, the expression of my highest consideration

Write ” Please accept, Excellency, my greetings distinguished .”

It expresses feelings not greetings.

Write a letter: The signature

If the letter is formal or professional, at the bottom of page, write your names and names in capital letters then on, sign.

If the letter is intended for knowledge sign only your first name .

Sign on the right or the center , even in a letter in which the text is aligned.

Sample letters

Letter easy , letters recommended, letter of complaints, thanks, termination, resignation, love, etc. …

If, despite our advice, writing a letter anguish you again, if you do not breathe, do not insist, go on the internet , here you will find thousands of models letters Free.

Staff Nursing Resume Sample

Staff Nursing Resume



Rhona Monaghan

Main Street, Ballintuber, Co. Sligo


Tele: 09099999

Mobile: 087343433

D.O.B: 8-7-1992


Career Objective

As a final year Student Nurse with previous community experience and a strong commitment to providing quality care in the community, I am keen to undertake my first post as a qualified nurse in a Primary Health Care Team.

Skills and Achievements


  • Theatre Care Nursing, Paediatrics and A&E.
  • Communicating with doctors, patients, other departments and co-workers about patient care, locating and sharing resources and organising of patient care.
  • Specialist equipment includes: anaesthetic machine, intubation equipment, patient care record on computer, handling surgical/anaesthetic instruments, medications.
  • Promoted health care for both patients and their families, dissemination of information to support groups.
  • Developed knowledge, skills and expertise in nursing the critically ill.
  • Experienced in musculoskeletal injuries and pain management.
  • Expert in moving and handling.
  • Trained junior Nursing Students.
  • Diabetic care experience: planning, implementing and evaluating care whilst utilising. available resources such as the diabetes specialist nurse.



Education& Qualifications


2006 – 2010                   Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, Co Westmeath

2009-2010                       Bachelor of Science Degree in General Nursing

Expected 2:1 Honours Degree


2006-2008                      BscGeneral Nursing (Ordinary)

Result: Distinction

2001 – 2006                   St. Joseph’s Secondary school, Ballintuber, Co. Sligo

Leaving Certificate

Irish HC, Maths OC, English HB, French HB, Art HB, Accountancy HA,

Biology HA

Project Work:

2006                                   A Neighbourhood Study – “Survey of the health needs of the local

community”. Identified services available and ways in which they could be improved in relation to Health of the Nation targets. Considered demographic, economic and political issues. Gained great insight into local community health needs. Result: 1:1


Computer Skills:

ECDL:  Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Advanced Excel




Work Experience:



2006-Present                   “Aware” Centre, Volunteer

As a volunteer at this informal drop-in centre for people who have suffered mental ill health, I help to provide a welcoming environment, and was involved in setting up a photography activities group. This developed my interpersonal skills and ability to work co-operatively with a wide range of individuals.


Placements                    St Joseph’s Hospital, Galway, Student Nurse

2006                             Women’s Surgical Unit

2007                            Men’s Surgical Unit

2008                            Paediatric Unit

2009                             Casualty Unit


2008-Present                   Boot’s Chemist

Sales Assistant (weekend work)

During my time with Boot’s I have been promoted from stock maintenance to cashier, with sole responsibility at weekends for organising part-time staff rota’s and tasks. Also responsible for training in new part-time staff.


2007                             St Martin’s Day Care Centre, Galway – Care Assistant

Worked as a member of the care-team, providing quality care and personal support to individuals with severe mental learning disabilities, their families and carers. This gave me an insight into care in the community and the role of the multi-disciplinary team. In addition to supporting the work of carers and families I was introduced to the work of other agencies and groups of professionals. My employment as a Care Assistant helped to confirm my choice of nursing as a career.


Other Achievements:


  • Developed ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team through voluntary activity and practical experience gained as a care assistant and student nurse.
  • Undergraduate college Mentor for two years, which served me well when supervising junior nursing students on placement who approached me for advice and guidance.
  • Class Representative for Third Year. Participated in course management meetings and Curriculum Development Group raising issues on behalf of student nurses and following up with progress reports.
  • Gaisce Silver Award.



Ø  I play football for my local club and this season I am captain of the team.

  • For the past three years I held the position as Sligo Community Games Youth Officer and my main duties were attending meeting, organizing events and preparing children for competition.
  • Travel: Backpacked around Australia and Far East last summer and the US previously. I’m hoping to visit South America this coming summer.


Jane Smith         Lecturer, Nursing Department, Athlone Institute of Technology, Tel: 0906424444

Mary Turley       Ward Sister, Female Surgical Unit, St Joseph’s Hospital, Galway, Tel: 091-3333333

staff nursing resume sample
staff nursing resume sample

Foreman Resume Sample

Foreman Resume


John Doe

1000 Sample Lane – Sample, Illinois 60600 – 708-XXX-XXXX –



QUALIFICATIONS                                *Local             73 Sheet Metal Worker in good standing                      

* Experienced sheet metal worker, 29 years in the industry

                                                            * Excellent skills and craftsmanship

* Dependable and conscientious

* Understands the importance of a time frame for job


*Strong leadership and communication abilities


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE             * Worked on the Millennium Bridge and Stage

* Held Superintendent Position

* Held General Foreman Position

* Held Foreman Position


WORK HISTORY                                 *Roofing & Sheet Metal     March, 2011 – September, 2011

Sheet metal (put a job description in)


*HVAC Company          October, 1986 – September, 2010

General Foreman (2004-2010) (put a job description in)

                                                                     Foreman ( 2000-2004) (put a job description in)

                                                                   Worker (1986-2000) (put a job description in)


*Best Sheet Metal              October, 1982 – October 1986



EDUCATION                                        *Sheet Metal School/Apprenticeship



*OSHA Certification


*High School


REFERENCES                                       *Available upon request

foreman resume sample
foreman resume sample