The 5 most common mistakes in the cover letter

Error # 1: An application for various companies

After the first finished cover letter is a great temptation to just replace the name of the company for any additional simple. Who gives in to this temptation, has indeed done quickly many cover letter, but poor prospects for an invitation to an interview. Why would a hiring manager to take care of you if you do not even have you dealt with the business? Look So at least the website at, researching the offer of the company, write individually on what impressed you positively and as you reinpasst since. Often there is also a company philosophy which reveals how the company sees itself. The you should repeat but not only, that could lead to errors.

Error # 2: use empty phrases

If a hiring manager reads an application that starts with “I hereby apply to your advertised position as …” or “with great interest I read your job posting …” begins, the candidate has done nothing formally wrong. Nevertheless, he has made a mistake: The worn phrase he has the personnel managers to “speed reading” mode activated. Applying intention belongs in the subject line. The application itself should begin as one imagines a stranger: Talk briefly who you are and where you are currently. Then you say what so excited that you like you work there on business. Now it’s time to explain to your enemy what you can do anything and why you so good match for the company. Attention, here lurks errors.

Error No. 3: enumerate properties, but do not use

Every business wants reliable, flexible and team players. Can say that about everyone, but a hiring manager is not a clairvoyant who knows why you bring these properties. So you have to prove it with concrete things. You are as reliable, because you jobbst as a babysitter in your spare time. A team player you can be, if you together with your football team put something prefer on the legs. A careful impression you leave behind when you avoid errors.

Error # 4: make spelling errors

Your cover letter is the first impression a hiring manager gets from you. Misspellings convince certainly not him that you’re a careful man. Would you hire someone to write something without checking it concluded orderly?

 Error # 5: Incomplete applications will ship

For the first impression there is no second chance, so your need application documents be complete. This means that your contact data from address, phone and e-mail address are available, you are using the current date in letter and the CV that you signed your paperwork and settled all testimonies to the stations in the CV. You’re the one who applies, the recruiters will not contact you because your testimony is lacking, but because he wants to meet you.

10 most common resume mistakes

The curriculum is the heart of every application. By observing a few basic rules or a good template or pattern used can easily write a resume, the recruiter impressed.

The CV (also: “curriculum vitae” or simply “CV”) can be done in the application some wrong – but also a lot correctly. Basically: The CV should logically be clearly and consistently. Moreover, a personal touch in the design be useful to contrast with the resume of the plurality of the other candidates. Use can use a template or pattern or just be creative. But beware: the conservative, the industry, the more economical one should deal in the life with colors and design elements.

A bad example of a resume

On the top left (click to enlarge) you can find the resume of Laura, who wants to apply for the training as a photographer. Laura is a year removed from high school. During an internship could already get a taste of the work processes of a photo studio, they also completed a photography course and successfully participated in a photo competition. Nevertheless, her resume is not just as a sample template.

Resume writing: the most common mistakes

  1. The formatting of the document is confusing: The heading and subheadings not stand out from the rest, the PC and language skills are not assigned to subheading.
  2. Parents perform in your resume, now is not a “must” more. Our tip: they Mention if your mother or your father have a job that the one for which you’re applying for just a bit similar.Laura’s father is a chemical engineer. As well as photographers must be familiar with chemistry, Laura has in her resume out to her father.
  3. No matter what school you attended: Give to your degree. If you’re not ready, you can write “Estimated completion: High School 2013 ‘. Write your note to when she is already determined and it is good.
  4. The term “jobs” sounds a bit pejorative CV. Better: “Practical experience”. So also the photography course and competition fit better into the category.
  5. The time must be accurate. Allows you to choose which months you did what.
  6. Thus, the recruiter can get an idea of your skills, a description of your activities should not be ignored in the indication of jobs. The more accurate your text, the more the reader knows of the resume about yourself and the better he can judge whether you fit the position advertised.
  7. Almost all candidates must specify in the resume that they have computer skills. The statement is too vague. List, what programs you have already worked.
  8. “Music” alone sounds as if just very happy times listen to switch off music Laura. But you do not just hear music, it also makes what. It is precisely the interests that make the image of a candidate in the CV “human”. Lauras band experience also shows that it can be integrated into a group and that it is not afraid to stand on the stage in front of strangers.
  9. Each CV must be provided at the end with the place and date. Eighth  , always ensure that the date coincides with that in the letter!
  10. A resume is only formally complete if it bears a signature.

Resume writing: So you do it right

In the second picture the gallery (click to enlarge) you see how to do it right: the perfect CV. From the construction of the content up to the photo your CV you should optimally present.Therefore Think about before each application, what experience you can offer to match the advertised training place. A marvel of standardization is the so-called Euro-CV, the EU has devised to standardize applications throughout Europe. Most recruiters see him precisely for this reason do not like: you want to see the uniform, but individual CVs. Only in this way they can see at a glance whether you’re able to structure such a document independently and to separate important from the unimportant. Our tip: Stay away from standard CVs Your CV should not only clear, but also gaps.Who hangs out for a year after graduation, without being able to demonstrate an internship, a gap year or going abroad, making on HR an aimless impression.

checklist study start for fresher

and then this post for tips and sample checklist study fresher

Study Start: well organized it’s better

From your professional career you now disconnect only about 3-5 years. What sounds at first like a long marathon, goes by faster than you think.

Besides all the well-meaning advice from family: “knee you right at the start right in, then you have it easier later!” Or from friends: “this is the best time in life, take definitely any party with”, are there are a few simple tips that should help you get the first university life to organize and not to lose the most important thing in the eyes:

19 tips for a successful start of the study

  1. Erstie introduction

    Take the opportunity to your students and faculty before study start to get to know and learn some important and useful information in advance will allow you a first feeling for the university develop.

  2. Contact at the university

    Find out right at the beginning, to whom you can turn on certain issues, usually you are graduate students , faculty or secretarial staff at your disposal.

  3. curriculum

    The study regulations is usually expressed in very dry, but contains important information and notes. Please scroll necessarily.

  4. lecturers

    Find out in advance about your active professors, so that at the first module choice can not only go after hours, but also teachers, including over

  5. Recreation

    In many institutions, you get benefits as a student , but certainly also your university / college courses and recreational opportunities – for perfect balance and as a networking opportunity!

  6. plan Grundstudium

    In the first semester , there are compulsory lectures and optional lectures . Be sure to tell about themselves attendance , so you are to the tests also permitted.

  7. Internet access

    In student life course also extremely important. Clarify whether it may a free Wi-Fi are or where you come best on the Internet.

  8. Jobs for Students

    If you are dependent on a job, inquire early about possible student jobs . Not only the financial security, the practical experience is extremely important and can constitute a welcome balance to learning.

  9. exams

    Suddenly they are there! Are you concerned at an early stage of the examination regulations and schedule theexam dates in your monthly plan with a.

  10. study group

    Try a Study Group necessarily at least from. The cooperation in team with other students is often very productive, fun, and can open up new possibilities.

  11. canteen

    Here is not only eaten inexpensive, but the cafeteria is also a meeting place for the university or college.

  12. Grading scale

    Learn to prepare themselves to be calmer and better on exams by knowing how notes and reviews put together.

  13. orientation

    Take advantage of the offered tours around the campus to get to know better. By useful tips of your fellow students you will save time later to find the desired rooms.

  14. psychology

    Maintain a healthy work-life balance so you do not eventually with Burnout in the study who are struggling.

  15. investigation

    For a meaningful research on the study of their rich Google knowledge not made. Take introductions tolibrary databases and literature databases to help you learn these systems deal.

  16. timing

    Use a student-timer or the like to avoid missing appointments and avoid stress and hassle by planning your personal preparation time.

  17. Management of Uni

    The staff are not always friendly, as they are often overloaded, but you should be friends with you yet.Applications , forms or fees – they have everything and happy to help you if you ask nicely then.

  18. Scientific work

    This is one of the biggest challenges of studying . Get the basics of scientific work by means of introductions and lectures teach.

  19. time management

    Develop your personal time management system , even if it is only once a nuisance, you’ll need it.

Training Cover Letter Examples

In the application to the training put the right focus

Many prospective trainees are initially at a loss when you write your first applicationfor a training. Because of this uncertainty they follow in your covering letter and CVbuilding often templates for ready-trained workers.

To apply for a training place there but its own rules and other priorities that must be used in the context of the application. Therefore guidelines already trained workers differ significantly from those for prospective trainees.

While the workers, the existing experience constitutes an important aspect of the application, prospective trainees in their application to the training should focus rather on the following points:

Why do I apply for an apprenticeship in exactly this profession?

Why am I the or right for exactly this training?

Why would I need to complete my education in this operation?

The hobbies of the future trainees are another important point in an application foran education. They are interesting for potential training companies because they “soft skills”, so the social skills give information about the so-called team skills, communication skills or also the criticism of a candidate.

Prospective apprentices should place emphasis in their application for a training above all on their strengths, interests and their personal motivation to inspire potentialtraining businesses.

A pattern for the letter

The cover letter often represents the most difficult part in an application for a training for prospective trainees. Also, future trainees like to rely on a template from theInternet. It is very clear to discourage. There are several reasons, from which a simple copy of a letter from the Internet is very risky:

Standard wording and text blocks are detected

Generally the staff is, gets is skilled to read the application of potential trainees first. Finally, it belongs to their profession to identify suitable candidates and to weedout unsuitable. These employees recognize specific phrases, phrases and text modules and sort out the documents in question.

High expectations are built

This danger arises quickly if you will download an elegantly worded and linguistically flawless writing from the Internet as a prospective trainee or copied a pattern:

The application is not rejected in this case. Instead of potential trainers is impressed by the language skills of the candidate and expected a similar expression in the interview. At the latest then is it clear that the letter has been copied only because reality does not meet the expectations.

A personal note in the cover letter

As previously described, a personal note in the cover letter especially when applying for a training is extremely important. Since the future trainees have usually no experience, it’s in applying for an education of the utmost importance, to his personality in the writing to flow.

And a personal touch can not simply have a pattern from the Internet.

No individuality

Most of the patterns and templates that can be found in the Internet, have been composed for applications on jobs and not for applications for training. The elegant and eloquent style may seem impressive to future trainees, is when an application for an education but rather counterproductive, since the differences between the linguistic expression in the cover letter and the individual nature of the candidate are much too large.

Especially the fourth point device applying often forgotten, but just when applying for a training essential. Error suitor German is prerequisite, on somewhat rougher formulations is when applying for an apprenticeship but often seen across. Due to allthese risks is also the pattern of a letter on this page only as an aid to look at and not as a template.

The wording and phrases in a cover letter when applying for a training appear to betoo perfect or too elegant, suspicion can arise from the potential instructor quickly,the aspiring trainee had does not written the letter. In this case, the application is then sure fail.

Should it come up for a job interview, the discrepancy between the letter and reality will notice quickly the instructor, which increases the chances of not just on the training course.

The following template for a letter for an application for a training serves as a guideand to indicate how a prospective trainee can mediate a potential trainer his motivation, his interests and his strengths. When applying for an education should rather restrain themselves candidates in the tone of the text and be even sure not too much of himself, since they have no professional experience, who could present.

The three questions mentioned at the beginning of the article represent a commonthread in the writing of the letter on which you should orient an aspiring apprentice.

In the cover letter should be why the applicants for just this training in this business are interested and why he thinks he would be suited for this explains.

A reference to any work experience is always useful, reference letters should be added to wisely, because courtesy letter will throw a rather negative light on the candidate.

The nature of the application

There are in General three different types of application and this of course also applies to applications for a traineeship. The prospective student should ask the natureof the application, the potential trainers prefer. Often, one finds but also information given in the relevant job advertisements or on the websites of the companies.

The postal application

In this type of application, putting together an application folder and sends it to thepotential training company. It’s important to make sure that the envelope is zerknickt postage, clean and not.

There is also the danger that a particular document accidentally not in the folder isplaced in the General excitement.

Before you seal the envelope so and brings to the post, you should check the completeness of the own application folder one last time.

The application by E-Mail

The potential trainers you applying by mail, they send his documents as email withcover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates and all existing evidence as well as for example the certificate in the annex.

There is disagreement here sometimes, what concerns the sending of the letter. Some experts advise that to add it only as an attachment, others recommend it in themail itself, and again others do both together. If you write to the mail, it is advisable to specify in the mail, what is at stake and which documents in the annex can befound in any case.

The danger in this type of application is to forget to add certain documents as an attachment. Should be careful here so to completeness of the documents.

A legitimate email address is very important. Addresses such as are an absolute taboo.

The online application

Some companies require potential candidates to apply online for an education. But,you are his personal data, educational and skills into a kind of online form.

There are text boxes where question like “Why you want to work in our company?”must be answered.

The danger of spelling mistakes is great just by applying online. Therefore, you should require its information and answers in a word processor such as Word or OpenOffice and check the spelling and grammar.

Important elements in the cover letter

Sometimes, just inexperienced applicants tend to forget important items in their copy. These characteristics are however fundamental, if they are forgotten, quickly making an unprofessional image. A cover letter for an application for an education should include the following characteristics:

Contact details of the applicant


The recipient’s address

Specify subject: on what apprenticeship refers the application?

Personal title, no general phrases of salutation

Signature of the applicant

List of facilities

7 tips for the application for a training

As an application quite a challenge for future apprentices can mean for education, found in the following section 7 tips for all aspiring apprentices and trainees. Many of these tips seem like obvious, be forgotten but rarely just inexperienced applicants nothing.

Take enough time for the research

It is extremely important to know when you must at least apply for the desired training position. Most training begin right after the school holidays in the summer, some also in September or October. A prospective trainee must know the relevant dates so that so that he or she at the end is not too late for the training. Just big companies are looking for their new trainees up to one and a half years earlier. So you know what’s coming for a training for one even questioned, you should inform yourself in time and then send the application documents.

Clarify formal environment

If it occurs with the company in contact, you should clarify any requirements for the application. That puts may undertake internships ahead? Is there an age limit forthe start of training? Some occupations require a minimum age of 18 years at the beginning of the training, you can start other training at the age of 16.

Some companies require certain notes in the training-relevant school subjects. Also,you should inform himself as prospective trainee.

Prepare an application folder

A good application solution is a prerequisite for a successful bid for a training. To create this solution you should take plenty of time, so that nothing is forgotten.

The content of the application dossier is often unclear. A self made cover is not necessary. But the solution must include the cover letter and curriculum vitae. A photoof the application is not a requirement when applying for a training.

The latest school report and any evidence of training are important and must not be forgotten. Also, some companies and businesses require a criminal record.

Keep in mind the external effect

The application dossier should be kept clean. It is also worth to invest, because badcopies unprofessional work in good quality copies.

The same goes for your eventual application photo. It should have been taken by aprofessional photographer. All documents in the application dossier must be clean and without kinks and cracks. Dirty or damaged documents will be sorted out quickly.

Select evidence carefully

As mentioned above, at least the latest testimony should be part of the application folder. The notes are not great, you can be used to even the penultimate witness, ifthis is better than the latest. With proof of internship, you should restrict itself to the most important and relevant training certificates. Proof of a placement in a kindergarten makes little sense for applying for a training as a mechanical engineering technician.

Be brief

When applying for an education, both cover letter and resume should be no longerthan one A4 page. For the letter, most experts recommend at least a three-quarterpage in length.

In addition, future trainees should avoid experiments at the font. The font size is ideally located at eleven or twelve points


Is not personally to there the application locally, you should ensure that they are doing that has received. This is true for an online application or an application by mail, as well as an application portfolio that lets you post get to the potential training company.

So, enough of the theory! Now I wish you every success in the work of informationand in the writing he own application.

10 tips & Examples for letter

What is most important?

Many candidates make the mistake that they mention the most important points from the resume again in the cover letter. However, this is wrong – after all, the resume of the application is still in. The cover letter must instead be shown why precisely apply to this particular point. Describe yourself so that the recruiters come to the conclusion that after you no better candidate more may emerge. Unleash your passion in describing your achievements and experiences as well as the associated references.

How to write an application?

All beginnings – the first set

The beginning of your new career is in the first sentence of the cover letter to apply as a pattern hidden. Avoid boring and hackneyed formulations like “I hereby wish to apply for the position xy …” because this phrase only shows that you have no better idea entry. Do not use impersonal sentences that are interchangeable and can be in any second job. Be in the entry but nothing about your old place and why you do not want to stay there. Leave otherwise only the impression that you want to escape from this place, and in any case only niggle.

Sets to your graduation or how brilliant you have mastered these, are the cover letter also misplaced. The final part in the resume and only in this. Even if the final was good – the employer wants to know what he has of you and not know how much this job could you advance further.

Writing an application: should not be so hard

Describe specific talents that are important for this particular point, namely concretely at a station (or several) of the resume. Who just fresh out of the University, writes about internships and focus of his studies, people at work point to successful projects and their previous positions.

Important: In the cover letter itself heard nothing in the job announcement – call here no tender number or where and when the ad appeared. This belongs in the subject and not in the text.

Also important: You benefit describing your motivation no quotations from famous writers, even if it is repeatedly recommended by some coaches. You want to apply and not any other person. Describe yourself and your motivation and join it to the point. Waste does not belong in the letter – you prove that you are able to separate the important from the unimportant, and to concentrate on the essentials.

Write applications: patterns for original Spawn?

It may be that you first contact the staff responsible had contact already and so you may also refer the letter of motivation it. This is not the case, there are the following very good entries in the letter:

  • Take reference to the specific job.
  • What are your reasons for applying?
  • What do you love about the company that has advertised the job?
  • Which company’s products can be found outstanding?
  • What challenges do you love that are in connection with this job?

These and similar points to read the letters HR. What therefore reason not to proceed directly to the appropriate statements?

Show already in entry that you are quite confident and know what you want or where you want. But do not forget to the humor! The application should be finally read nor pleasant. Do not forget: bring expertise, the will to power and commitment to the company, you solicit alms or at least bear with your application. Personnel managers like especially in men no false modesty – You may come over here better not to shy as male candidates. The only effects that you look less secure, ambitious and powerfully.

The key is in any case that you find your own personal entry, which then matches the rest of the text. Be just no sets or sample formulations from, because that’s what many applicants and thus show the recruiter that you can read tips.

Speculative application: you should be aware of the letter

If you do not apply for a vacant position, but specifically a company chose where you would like to work, your mustspeculative application already in mailers contain other important information. Why did this company selected? Do you have experience in the industry so that you can score particularly well there? Is it the performance of their duties, which seems particularly attractive in this business – and why? Can the company to a career fair to know?

What standards must be observed?

The letter with the all-important first set is of course on top while applying, it is the most important journal of the whole application! With the letter, you can stand out from the other candidates and hopefully in a positive sense. This side of HR wins his first impression that gets no second chance after all. The letter must therefore be clear, compact and easy to remember. Clear that also must be no errors in spelling or grammar.

Many recruiters see the cover letter as the first working sample for the new job. However, this means that a typo can also be seen for careless at work. If really everything else that can sometimes be overlooked on an error, but this is rare and especially not so easy. Many recruiters waving as early as after the first failure, hardly anyone reads the application after the second error even further. Therefore, is that necessarily a spelling program should be taken to help. Also, read the Application correcting an acquaintance, this helps the most. This should of course be known versed Grammatically and grammatically.

The eight most important rules for the letter

For each application a few rules that must be followed strictly apply. Only under those rules does your application a chance not to fall into disgrace with the recruiters. Observe the following points:

  1. Do not write off! Each application must be formulated individually, because the guide books that are currently on the market, are also known to HR managers. Be personally and surprise at the original first set. Be not around, but concentrate on the essentials.
  2. Be active! Use verbs and avoid the dreaded by HR managers “Substantivitis”. Perhaps you think of a little story that may be only one or two sentences long course. Facts finds the HR in your resume, cover letter, you should be able to elicit enthusiasm for yourself.
  3. Be focused! Make it clear why you are the best for the job and what the company can win with you. Write a few sentences about what fascinates you about the point in question.
  4. As young professionals should no longer than one page plan for the letter, who already has a lot of experience, can be extended to two pages. Nevertheless, the letter should remain concise and compact.
  5. Do not choose a simple, but use better quality paper. This course has an A4 format and has no stains or bent corners. Ensure that smudging is straight and clear to read!
  6. Select the font type one of the standard fonts. Arial, Times or Verdana are ideal, flourishes writings do not belong in the application. Finally, you want to score but with the content! When the font size is 11 for the body text, the 15 suitable for 13 date, subheads and addresses and for one’s own name in the page header.
  7. You think necessarily the formatting? Indents and spacing must be the same on all sides.
  8. Avoid nesting and relative clauses – main sets are most effective in conjunction with numerous verbs.

Application letter: Pattern Tips for structure and content

By applying make literally advertise yourself and your skills. Share this too! Remember, respect the HR especially on the social skills and formulate here reflect your strengths. Do not write too often in the I-form, which is not only boring, but also self-centered. At your own description

Describe prefer a successfully completed project in which exactly the desired social skills came to fruition. Your communication skills will clearly when you describe everything well and your text can read fluently.
Important: Write the application always individual for the job. HR recognize letters, which were drafted in neutral terms, so that they are suitable for different locations. The success for you and your application: They are shelved.The application must be 100 per cent fit for the position advertised!

The cover letter is usually divided into four parts:

  1. Letter of application Section 1: The Introduction
    Directly in the first sentence must be to find your strongest argument. Proceed subtle front and point out that you have dealt with the issuing company and find the product or service really great. Quote to any actual figures or refer you to a recently published interview. Each recruiter will be flattered if a candidate so very concerned obviously with the company. Make sure, however, that the whole thing does not get out of hand. Wear better not too thick!
  2. Letter of application Section 2: The self-marketing
    , you must make it clear why you are suitable for the job and what distinguishes you. What do you bring with which skills do you have? Counting here not indiscriminately on your strengths – they must match the advertised post! Just concentrate on the aspects that you can be the ideal candidate.
  3. Letter of application Section 3: The connection to the company
    you have the curve and get connect to the company. Why just apply right here? What the company has what others do not have? Show here that you can offer the company added value. Eventually appear on this part connected to the second part, or can even be used as an entry.
  4. Letter of application Section 4: The thank
    you thank yourself at the end of the recruiter for his interest (unfortunately in many cases for the staying power) and make clear that you look forward to the interview. Below you can set a cordial salutation and of course your signature.

Assign. To possible loopholes in towards CV and briefly explain how it came to this You do not have to go back to prolix here, in the interview, you can then explain everything exactly.

Checklist Application letter: it must rein!

What must be pure in the letter? With this checklist, the letter (almost) is a cinch. All 16 points are equally important and should be respected.

  1. Your sender with name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Give yourself to your mobile number.
  2. The date, the most right
  3. The recipient in the company with company name, first name and last name – if known – and his address
  4. Absolutely not: a passport photo .
  5. The subject line.
    If you are writing an initiative application or an unsolicited application, the word “application” is sufficient.Otherwise, here a must in what you refer to. Pattern: “Application as a secretary in your job announcement of 2 January 2014 Cologne messenger”. So the recruiter knows the same about welhen channel you hear about the site.
  6. The Informal
    Talk to recruiters always personally. The standard salutation “Dear Madam” is an absolute no-go! You do not know how to get the name of the persona moth? Look on the website. Good companies will be showcasing their recruiters. Or call but a call and ask. This is legitimate.
  7. The beginning
  8. Your reference for companies
    What connects you with the company?
  9. An outline of your profile
    strengths, soft skills, good examples
  10. Other Skills
    Here you should list all the languages you speak in a certain perfection
  11. An indication of your references
    Which contact You can call from their previous jobs? Who would have a positive suitable as an advocate and express itself accordingly? It is best to talk to the people before. Then one is forewarned and HR meets the advocates not unprepared.
  12. Existing notice periods, the earliest possible starting date in the company
  13. Your salary, if asked in the job announcement thereafter. to name Better than a specific amount to a specify from-to range.
  14. The final formulation and the final set of Application
  15. your signature
  16. Any plants, as your resume and course certificates and other documents

How to read the recruiter just the e-mail application?

Apply for a job via email, you have to expect tough competition. therefore bring the personnel in charge to reflect to click your answer. Find how Your local recruiter whose full name is – maybe you even know him personally? Write to him directly, and use the name here. This affects personal and increases the chance that the application will also read.

Formulate a subject that arouses interest – the HR to be curious. The heading should be quiet provocative, but it should be brief. Consider here that your properties for the HR could be particularly significant and formulate them briefly for the headline.

Adapt to the corporate style. For this perhaps is a little research needed, but you need to find out as spoken in the company. This style of speech is then taken for the application, which increases the possibility that the HR managers a sense of community is established, on which can be build.

Provide the ability to easily respond to your mail. Create the contact information interesting and very noticeable – you should also be found in the header of each document. Maybe it makes sense to also insert a short link that the recipient can click. Lately it is even possible, QR codes to enter, which can then be read by mobile phone. The link or the code leads to your own website or to a contact.

The postscript: often underestimated

The PS is out mailings known – and studies have shown that it is almost always read! Most companies grab here again succinctly summarized the most important thing from the offer described above into it. The recipient of the letter then reads only the postscript and already knows what it is. This can also be exploited for the application!

This appendage under the cover letter is almost always read by the HR managers – partly first, before the reader struggling through the text. This means that something needs to be inserted really interesting or original. If the PS read first and the HR must stifle a yawn, he will not read the letter from the beginning. Here However, if something is what makes really curious, the letter meets all the greater interest. So you will be using the postscript to win by the recruiters themselves.


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8 Tips for Interviews Stay At Cool

valuable tips interviews to succed

“. Please sit down and tell us about yourself” the latest when in a job interview is like this sentence, it will probably be felt in each: the nervousness. The lucky ones not suffering from nervous spots on neck or face. But whether the nervousness is obvious or not – everyone wants to be cool in the decisive minutes. Even then, if you look at certain of victory and well prepared believes capture or stress issues can one from the concept bring. And of nasty or oblique questions that may only be intended to test the candidates on spontaneity, most applicants can probably sing a song. So what do about the nervousness at the interview ?

8 valuable tips for fighting nervousness

  1. Preparation creates security : The more you know about the company or the better we have to prepare for the call, the less anxiety you need to have to be brought by questions about facts from the concept.
  2. Be assertive : The company, which up to interview invited wants a qualified staff and has you selected with think you could be that person. That should now not be arrogant, because usually there are several candidates and nobody is irreplaceable . Nevertheless: Do not be unnecessarily small and be proud of our achievements to date.
  3. Practice, practice, practice : Games the application situation several times alone through front of the mirror, with friends or family. It helps to make himself also thought about how to awkward questions would react. But remember: Do not be crazy and increase not into you. You’ll see mostly as a discussion in retrospect not so bad and the more experience you earn, the less nervous you are of the unknown.
  4. The company applies not only do you apply, and the company is applying – namely you.Subsequently the interview is important for your decision if the advertised position and the company really your ideas corresponds.
  5. Practice makes perfect: We do not want to send now from interview to interview, but you should have the following in mind: practice makes – even while introducing – Master and lose you can usually little. Winning for the chance of a better job or simply a free week training or a check on how much you are currently “worth” as a person in the labor market.
  6. Mental preparation : to focus efforts to calm down internally, and you mainly focus on the interview. Smile – which also reassured – and look the interviewer in the eye friendly.
  7. Homeopathy can help : Who has already had positive experiences with homeopathy and relies on this method can get from the pharmacy homeopathic sedative drops. In any case you should the finger of “tranquilizers” like  alcohol or tranquilizers blank whose effects you do not know.
  8. Stay true to you : Last but not least: Stay true to yourself. The authentic , the better.

ideal applications: The way to new job

The cover letter is often the first major hurdle when it comes to a new job. Because well-made application documents are not only the product of creativity, care and several hours of work. They should also be matched as closely as possible to have written to companies. For application letter, the  smell of 08/15-standard application, are often placed by recruiters quickly aside. The template for download is a good basis.

The perfect cover letter – everyone wants it, for the least, it is an easy exercise. After all the (mostly electronic) package is cover letter , CV and certificates usually the first contact with a prospective employer. True to the motto “There is no second chance for a first impression,” mistakes should be avoided at all – as well as a covered “advertising-driven” appearance of writing.

What you have to keep?

  • Care: 66 percent of the Austrian recruiters gave in a online survey that absolute no-gos are for them typo, sloppiness and confusion in cover letter. The implication for writers: Laying Extreme care of the day! So should proofread ideally two people. On one hand, to avoid typos. On the other hand, it never hurts, but to seek other opinions for formatting, clarity of one’s CV to writer’s style in the cover letter.
  • Preparation: Better safe than sorry! Who wants to apply seriously at a company should not just sit around his decades same application documents easy to extend by one point and to change the address of the addressee. Professional application processes begin with a careful research for companies in the media, on the company’s website or in friends and acquaintances. Extensive knowledge as preferred employer allows it only in attachment or cover letter bring their own strengths in the corporate context and to present focused with the resume.
  • Design: In Word application lies not in vain the word “Advertisement”. As mentioned: An application to draw attention to themselves, to be purely visual apart from other standard applications and match the style of the desired position, industry and the company.However, they should not be distracted by purely superficial flaunted creativity from the “product” – ie of themselves and their own strengths. The principle: The more creative the industry (eg advertising, online business), more creative may also apply fail. The conservative (eg, banking, insurance, public administration), the closer you should be based on the usual job application standard.
  • Application way: you hold absolutely to desired application paths! Should read: Emphasizes a company in a job advertisement that the example like application documents via e-mail would have, you should also then sent as a candidate. Online forms are indeed often little popular with applicants – but have for HR professionals the advantage that they all applications in its database can process thus equal.

Tips Sequence and Content Applications

The application folder paper introduces the candidate, his career and his achievements. The aim is to present itself in the best possible way in order to increase his chances of getting the desired job. A persuasive application portfolio offers care, clarity and a good structure. If the application documents not appealing, does not help even the best job reference. Tips and info from RESUMEDOC.INFO.

Classical application portfolio is actually out, but …
Meanwhile, it is common to apply online, by e-mail, an application management system or an online assessment center . However, some companies require the vacancies still a traditional application, to be sent by post. Only then you should access the wallet made of paper (or plastic). Exceptionally, it can even with a speculative application be useful, but usually is an online application faster, cheaper and more practical.

The application portfolio is the classic form of the application . It is the outer shell of the application and includes cover letter, CV , certificates and possibly other senior relevant documents. You will either be sent by mail or at the concerned person company filed or submitted.

Practical and appealing it is to be
When selecting the application folder should pay attention to the ease of use and an attractive appearance, so the first impression of the formal application a flop is not equal. The application folder looks modern and clean out ideally. Wrinkle, dog-eared, stains etc. that may not have occurred during shipping, are often seen as inadequate care and fall back negatively on the candidate.

Your individual application documents should be well presented, yet be easily removed from the map. Some of the documents are copied and passed on within the company, which is why a quick sorting must be made possible. From double folding Bewerbungsmappen is therefore strongly discouraged. They are in addition to the poor handling also very expensive. HR do not want to waste their time with the unfolding of application folders.

Plastic covers to protect the documents are indeed basically a good idea, but for the recruiter more than inconvenient. Waivers so on Sheet protectors, even if it stains or other contaminants can be avoided. Supposedly there are recruiters that signal by nail prints or copies on the plastic cover other companies that this application file has already been used and the candidate was not on the shortlist. So high costs also include tests for each application to take a wallet that appears unused.

An application: Direction
In a classic application portfolio there are certain guidelines for the order of application documents:

A cover sheet is optional and a matter of taste. It is within the discretion whether to customize it or not. If is omitted, the topsheet, the cover letter is at the top. It will not be attached because the recruiters often refer to copying or even to better work with it to be able, for. Example by taking notes or highlight certain passages. You put it in the application folder on top.

The order by letter and resume
Choose to sort the documents by cover sheet, cover letter and resume in the following order:

Possibly ” Third page ” / “About Me” page, current account or letter of motivation
Documents (school / Study / Education)
Certificates / certificates (eg. As language courses, IT -Knowledge, Awards)
Internship and work references

No bad copies in the application folder
The application file is to represent the candidate in the best possible light and convince the recruiter. These qualities, a certain orderliness should include as many jobs they demand. The application portfolio allows conclusions about how carefully one is. Therefore exclusively Choose copies are legible and clean and have been properly taken into the printer. Weird or bad copy of the report suggest that the process is carried unclean. This also applies for the files of the e-mail application .

The choice of paper can bring benefits. The common printer paper weighs 80 grams per sheet. If we choose, for example, a higher quality of 90 or 100 grams, shows that a little more commitment. There are applying more weight, both literally and in every sense of the word. Renunciations but on color or fluted paper.

The application portfolio should be prepared accurately and especially carefully. Who maintains a clear and uniform structure, saves at the repeated preparation of the documents a lot of time and extra work.

Choose from an application portfolio that is appealing and practical to handle. Go the application after inserting the documents again carefully and check that everything is correct and placed in the correct order.

Application Letter : Tips and Information

The task of the cover letter is to convince the employers that you are the perfect candidate for the job. It is the “Icebreaker” each application and contains information about the skills, the practical experience and the motivation of the candidate for the job and the employees at the company. Your Career RESUMEDOC.INFO gives valuable tips and information for job applications.

HR get at large corporations per day partly than 100 applications delivered. Here you have to make a positive impression, otherwise you have no chance of getting the job! If the content and design of the cover letter is not convincing, ending the recruitment procedure before it has even begun. Most applications are in fact rejected by letter and the CV after view, without the rest of the application documents (diplomas, certificates etc.) are still observed.

Application letter: The formalities
A letter has only one A4 page space to convince the employer of his qualifications, its skills and motivation. Recommended are a clear layout and a legible typeface (font size 10 to 12). Not only the text actually the cover letter should be completely error-free, but also the trappings: Error in address, name, spelling, grammar or commas fall trained HR staff immediately apparent. Here, then, great care should be exercised.

Important: The direct address “you” and “your” is always capitalized in letters and thus also in a cover letter. Otherwise, it is a gross spelling mistakes! Example: “I hope for a positive response from you and look forward to meet personally in a job interview.”

Tip: Before you send his application, you should make all documents still read by someone else control.

Subject and Title in your letter
The letter is always a subject. This is ” bold marked”. Previously wrote the word “Subject:” still at the beginning of the subject line. This is true today, however as outdated. In the line to write instead just the exact position to which one applies, possibly including reference number, for example:. “Application for the position of Supply Chain Manager , Ref 987-654-321 ” .

Especially for large companies with thousands of employees, the reference is important so that the application can be in the personnel department assigned correctly. In a medium-sized company with 50 employees it is however not so much, since here probably little jobs are advertised at the same time.

After the subject line, the salutation follows. In many jobs the right person is already specified. Otherwise you may visit the company website (career site) find. Other options are to go the business network XING to Name Search, or simply pick up the phone and phone to check with the company by the name of the contact person. If all this does not resolve the problem, so you salutation simply begins with “Dear Madam, …” .

Applications: initiation
Since you already it refers in the subject line that you reply to the letter to a specific vacancy (or it is a speculative application is), this should not be mentioned again in the first lines. This is an unnecessary duplication that takes up space and the recruiter bored. Thus formulations dispensed as “I hereby apply for the post of …” .

Tip: If it is a rather formal point is (eg a. Bank Job ), the cover letter should be more formal. In a PR job must given his more unusual it gladly. But in any case, the first sentence must be individually and powerful, so you immediately notice when positive HR:

Instead of a 08/15-Application phrase “excited I have read your job announcement” you should rather immediately to the door (or its competencies) fall into the house and use phrases such as: “for the position of … I get initial experience in … by … With.”

Such wording in letter you also offers a smooth transition to the qualifications such as education, studies, practical experience and developments.

In convincing cover letter with motivation
on the job or on the job like what points you particularly well? Grab these aspects on the cover letter and put your skills and personality to relate. So you show on the recruiter that you bring the necessary skills (which you want to use for the benefit of the company).

Describe the HR in the next step, why you particularly interested in this position. Go not only to the technical challenges involved with, but also to other interesting features of the job, the position of the company or the industry.

Soft Skills & self-expression
An employer is interested not only in the specialist knowledge of an applicant, but also to his personality. Finally, the employee should not only fit into the professional team, but also with his character and his nature. Therefore Bring (the middle part) of the cover letter and your soft skills to language. These transferable skills there are no notes or certificates. That is why it is so important to substantiate this with concrete examples, in which situations they faced the challenges and how has solved these. Useful hints on soft skills of the candidates provide, inter alia abroad (mainly studies, internship, work & travel ), part-time jobs, honorary appointments, awards, hobbies, special talents and exceptional achievements and experiences. At this point it is advisable to focus on the social skills to focus, which are important for the intended job.

Important: A mere enumeration of positive qualities acting on HR as a standard phrase in your letter . If one links his soft skills in letter but with specific activities and experiences, self-expression appears authentic and convincing.

Application letter: the last paragraph
In the last paragraph of your letter to get to the end. Now it’s no longer about to write much about himself, but to name a few facts, including the possible start date and salary requirement display (if it is required in the job advertisement). Here is his desire content as gross amounts. The online salary comparison helps young professionals, realistic starting salaries to determine.

Motivation to the end
See the last sentence of your cover letter once your motivation and avoid phrases like: “I’m looking forward to hearing from you” . Formulations in the subjunctive ( “would”, “would”, etc.) to act shy. If you truly rejoice, it formulated this way: “About an invitation for an interview, I am delighted. Gladly I would like to … convince in person of my skills and my high motivation for the job as ” .

Before signing the obligatory is “Sincerely” , whereby behind this final phrase is not followed by a comma!

The letter ends ideally with the signature above the typed name (first and last name). In an e-mail application or online application , although it is not mandatory, but it looks more stylish and more fully when scans his signature and inserts in the cover letter.

However Avoid signatures with permanent markers or other “sleazy” pins. (High quality) ballpoint pens, pens are the only meaningful opportunities here. Check previously that the pen does not fail on the first stroke by you initially start trying it on a scrap of paper. Note:. Reputable signatures only be made with blue or black ink, but never in signal colors such as green or red RESUMEDOC.INFO wishes every success for the cover letter!

Letter of Motivation For Job and Employers

The motivation letter corresponds in principle to the letter of candidature. From the intention, it is similar, but in the letter of motivation, the focus is a little more on the personal motivation why you want to work in exactly this job and in exactly this company. RESUMEDOC.INFO Tips for a convincing cover letter.

What recruiters want
About the motivation, it goes in the cover letter for applicants of course a matter of convincing the employer of his qualifications, experience and skills. This is exactly what want to see the recruiter when the application folder Open a candidate. Although the term “cover letter” in the parlance of the term “cover letter” has been largely replaced, it reflects exactly what is involved in an application: From the cover letter has to make clear what the prospective drives to write this application and this body attire to want.

The motivation for job and employers
In the application must prove, what predestined one for the job. The cover letter offers the perfect opportunity. The interested party must show that the candidate he is exactly that the company investigated – without being overbearing.

It lends itself to the job to establish requirements and tasks set. Ideally, here you create a connection to his qualifications and his own motivation. Those who manage the HR of his passion for the area (for example, finance , physics or IT to convince), has usually taken a big step on the way to the job. To be really good at one thing and to be, you have to have passion for it. The also know the staff developer and keep therefore particularly for candidates out, bring the passion and motivation.

A good approach is also to address the cover letter to the employer. It should therefore be pointed out what one pleases to the employer. The company should also be shown why this is so, by concrete examples are mentioned (for example innovative products, unique services, community involvement, company image, company philosophy, corporate culture, etc.).

If the space in the cover letter is not sufficient (max. One A4 page) for the display of motivation and skills, they can be necessary, on the so-called third side once more clarify.

Spelling mistakes in a letter of motivation – a KO criterion
Grammar, comma and spelling mistakes in the letter of motivation prove that the candidate is not working carefully. What should you so hire someone? Here, the employer must have the fear that one behaves exactly unclean in the job.

Tip: sleep a night on the writing and take the next day again a hard look at the letter of motivation and the remaining application. Imagine you’re in HR and would your job application now. Is the motivation convincingly where questions remain? Hole you read feedback from others and let your motivation letter nor one to two people correction. Thus errors can be avoided, one has even overlooked.

Letter of motivation in an application abroad
Want to work abroad , such as a sales manager? In an application abroad motivation usually plays at least as important as in Germany; in England and the United States it is even greater. For example, are not always in the US application photos sent along and personal data. So the focus of the HR depends even more on the contents of the “Letter of Motivation” and thus also on the knowledge of the company and the qualifications of the applicants. Complementing one therefore writes in CV (or resume ) in the “Job Objective” a short description of what you would expect from his job. At this the HR can make a good first assessment of whether the candidate fits the job and the company.